How to recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone

Losing a Clash Royale account is a frequent problem that causes annoyance to players when they notice that all their games have disappeared. Therefore, they must start from scratch when creating another account in Clash Royale . You can solve this problem if you read this article where we explain how to recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone.

How to Recover a Clash Royale Account on Android and iPhone

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a card game created by the Supercell company. This one focuses on the theme of Clash of Clans where the cards represent mythological and medieval characters , which gives the game a particular format.

Clash Royale Features

Players can create a free account at Clash Royale . This video game contains cards that appear as creatures or characters with particular attributes that players can summon to destroy enemy towers.

Clash Royale takes place in real time , therefore there is a timer. In addition, each game lasts three minutes and an elixir is needed to pay the price of the cards you use during the game. Players must summon the creatures against the clock while opponents appear on the screen.

How to recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone

On some occasions, we can lose all the progress we have had in Clash Royale from an Android or iPhone mobile device after pressing an incorrect button or by accident. Also, this can happen after deleting the account by mistake.

If this is your case, do not worry because you can recover your Clash Royale account through the procedure that we explain below.

Determine the causes of the problem

The main cause of losing Clash Royale account on Android or iPhone devices is related to migration to another device using the same phone number or changing it.

In view of this update, there may be problems when accessing the original data of some applications that were used from another terminal. Likewise, it is possible that you or someone else has deleted the account by mistake, thus losing all the information it contains.

Recover Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone

Access the Clash Royale application and press “Settings”. Go to “Help and assistance” and choose the option “Contact us”. If you can’t find this option, click on “Lost account” and answer “No” to the question “Was it helpful?”.

In a contact form, enter your ID, username, level you are in and clan. Submit the form to the Clash Royale creators team . Wait for the response from Supercell that usually arrives in less than five days where they will inform you about the process of recovering your account.

Link your account to safeguard your progress

Once you recover your account, you should make a request for backup data to avoid future losses.

To achieve this, you can request the Supercell team to link your email account in Google if you use an Android device or link your Game Center account if you have an iPhone. In this way, you will avoid other problems with your Clash Royale account in the future.

I have not received a response from Supercell to recover my Clash Royale account

If the Supercell technical support team has not issued any response, you can make a new query by submitting another contact form from the Clash Royale application.

Likewise, you can write the problem related to your Clash Royale account and send it with the ID, username, clan and level data to the address or send a message directly to the Supercell support section . Also, you can contemplate the option to change account in Clash Royale if you prefer to log in with another ID.


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