How to record videos on Snapchat with the funniest effects? – Do it like this

Snapchat is one of the most famous applications among young people, since it has revolutionized the world of technology, since it was one of the first applications that implemented the ability to hang and images that will only last 24 hours on your profile.

How to Record Videos on Snapchat with the Funniest Effects? – Do it like this

For such characteristics it was that Facebook tried to buy said application, for some $3000 million; but he is failing in his attempt, why did he not accept his offer and apart from this he has grown impressively; so Facebook has tried to imitate its interface, but still has not been able to surpass it.

For such characteristics; It was that we decided to create this great guide so that you can know how you can add your filters to the images or videos that you post in it.

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  1. How do you verify that Snapchat filters are enabled?
  2. What steps should you follow to apply effects to a Snapchat video?
    1. for a single effect
    2. If you want to combine two video effects
  3. What are the other Snapchat options to creatively edit your video?
    1. using stickers
    2. Writing and drawing on your video

How do you verify that Snapchat filters are enabled?

In order to verify which filters you have enabled on Snapchat, obviously you must first have created your Snapchat account and apart from that have the application downloaded on your phone, after this, you go to your account settings (⚙).

After you’re there, tap manage, and under additional services, you’ll tap filters, so you’ll know if you have Snapchat filters enabled on your account.

What steps should you follow to apply effects to a Snapchat video?

In order to add effects to a Snapchat video, enter your application and then click on the option to create videos , when you are there an option of a smiley face will appear on the left side of the screen ( ? ); so you proceed to give it there, after this you will be able to view the filters that you have available in your account.

Another way to see the filters is to enter the recording camera, then slide the screen to the right, and in this way you will notice how the filters will appear, but, however, you want to put a single effect or several in your video, continue the steps that we will describe below:

for a single effect

To place a single defect, you simply have to click on the filter you want to add and it will automatically appear in the entire video recording.



If you want to combine two video effects

But if, on the contrary, you want to combine two or more effects in the same video, it is recommended that when you start recording the video, pause in the fragments that you want to change the filters and select the filter that you want to appear in each fragment of this video. This way you can have different effects and filters during the recording of the video.

On the other hand, many of the frequent users of this type of application are always in debate, since they do not know which of these three; Snapchat, tiktok, Instagram and YouTube is the best platform to post a video, so in generating many people lean towards YouTube, for having more options to upload a video.

What are the other Snapchat options to creatively edit your video?

Apart from using the filters and effects, to create fantastic videos for that social network, they are not the only way in which you can give vitality to your videos, since there are other types of options that you can use to insert them into them; one of these is voice effects, which allow you to distort your voice.

In order to make it sound a little funnier or different from the original . Plus, however, there are two other options that are stickers and drawings, which we are going to show you how you can use them easily.

using stickers

The stickers are nothing more than the stickers or Gifts that you can insert into your video either to cover a defect or object that is within the video, in turn these also serve to label the people who appear in your video, as well as your location and the time the video was made.

Writing and drawing on your video

Another way is to insert texts to the video or drawing on top of them and to be able to do that simply listen to the little pencil ( where it says drawing in the options that you have on the right side of your screen, and in this way you can draw on top of your video, to point out an object or cover it.

Apart from all this, it is also important to tell you that do not forget to put your Snapchat account from your mobile phone in dark mode in this way when you enter it and this night your eyes do not get tired, and you can watch your videos, for sure and without affecting your view.

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