How to record video conferences

We’ve already talked about the best programs for recording video lectures, streaming video conferences and even group calls .
In this article we will go into detail, seeing all the steps necessary to record a video conference or video lesson complete with audio and video .

Among all the programs that we have recommended to you, to start a videoconference recording we decided to deepen the use of OBS ( Open Broadcaster Software ) because it is a free software (free and open source), very convenient and well functioning and cross-platform (available for Windows, Mac and Linux).

Next, we will see in detail the methods by which it is possible to record a video conference already integrated into the video conferencing services ( Meet , Teams and Zoom ).


  • 1. Record a video conference with OBS on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • 2. Record videoconferencing with the most used platforms
    • 2.1. Record video conferences and video lessons on Google Meet
    • 2.2. Record a video conference on Microsoft Teams
    • 2.3. Record video conferences on Zoom Meeting

Record a video conference with OBS on Windows, Mac and Linux

The installation of OBS for Windows and Mac is very similar, after going to the OBS website , you can proceed to download the executable suitable for the operating system in use by clicking on the corresponding logo and then on ” Download Installer “.
Once you have downloaded the suitable executable just click on it to start the installation procedure.

For installation on Linux , the procedure differs for each distribution, fortunately there is a dedicated page with installation instructions with the commands to be executed to install the program on the main Linux distributions.

Once the installation is complete, the program interface is the same on all three platforms .
Just launch the program by clicking on its icon and the first configuration procedure will start.

When requested, you must indicate what you intend to use the program for, in our case you must select ” Optimize only for recordings, I do not direct “.

In the next screen leave the base resolution unchanged and select “ 30 “. Recording a lesson at 60 FPS would just be an unnecessary waste of space.
Finally, select the ” Apply Settings ” button.

So you have to enter the sources to capture , doing it is simple, to record video lessons or conferences on the net you can click on the ” + ” button in the ” Sources ” section and in the menu you need to choose ” Capture the window “.

At this point a dialogue window will open, which will allow you to choose the name to give to the source, in our case you could opt for “ videoconference “.

Then in the appropriate drop-down menu make sure you have selected the window in which you are watching the video lesson, or that of the program you use for the video lesson (for example that of Skype , Zoom , or Teams).

If you have problems with capturing a single window, you can alternatively opt for the ” Screen Capture ” option , with which you can record the whole screen and not a single area.

At this point, if you also want to record the audio of the video lesson, you have to go to “ Sources ” again and click on the “ + “ button . Here then you can click on “Capture the audio output”.

A dialog box will open, so you have to enter an explanatory source name eg. “Audio videolesson” and press ” OK “.

At this point OBS is configured and we can record audio and video of the lectures and video conferences .

To start the registration just click on the button ” Start registration “, to stop the registration just click on the same button which has become ” End registration “.
Next to this button there is also the one to pause the recording , which will be enough to press again to continue recording .

After finishing the recording of the video lesson, the resulting video file , if you are on Windows, will be automatically saved in the user’s “ Videos ” folder .

To change the folder where to save the recordings of the videolessons , in the OBS program window, just click on ” File ” at the top, then on ” Settings ” and then go to the ” Output ” section .
In this section, in the ” Recording path ” field , you can set the folder in which to save the recordings.

Record videoconferencing with the most used platforms

After this solution to record video lessons, valid for every service and every platform for video lessons, video calls and video conferences, let’s see how to record video lessons with the various platforms that are used to make video lessons: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meeting .

Record video conferences and video lessons on Google Meet

We have already talked about Google Meet , it has been the platform chosen by many schools, universities and courses to offer remote lessons.

Among the available functions there is also the one that allows you to record the videoconference in progress. To enable the feature, you must be a G Suite administrator , or be enabled by an administrator.
At that point the recording function will be conveniently available by clicking on the icon with the three vertical dots and then on “ Record “.
The option, if enabled, is present only in the Desktop version of Google Meet .

The option is rarely enabled, therefore, it is better to proceed using OBS as we have illustrated in the previous paragraph.

Record a video conference on Microsoft Teams

This solution is also widely used for lectures, video conferences and courses . Registering on Teams is really easy, as long as you’re not a guest user and have a valid license for the program.

If you are enabled to register, to start recording the videoconference, just click on the “ Other Options ” button and then on the item “ Record meeting “.

When you start recording all attendees are notified with a notification , the captured video is stored directly on Microsoft Streams and you will receive a link to your account that can be used to access the recorded video.

Obviously also in this case, it is recommended to use OBS, especially if you are not enabled to register, or if you want to avoid disturbing other participants with the notification during registration.

Record video conferences on Zoom Meeting

We have already talked about Zoom , a widely used solution for videoconferencing and therefore also for videolessons.
Recording a videoconference on Zoom Meeting is very simple, just click on the ” Record ” button , which is visible in the interface.


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