How to record my PC screen from the browser

Currently many people are making videos to share on social networks . Whether they are tutorial type videos, gameplay or any other type of video, screenshots or screen recordings play a crucial role in the content to be made. Although there are various applications and methods to record the screen and your face at the same time . Here in this article you will discover the very easy way to record your pc screen with Scrnrcrd . But to know how to record, first we will talk about what this program is and what advantages it offers.

What is Scrnrcrd?

As already mentioned, for people who want to do live broadcasts, video tutorials or simply record the sound and screen of their pc , this application is without a doubt the easiest option to do so. Scrnrcrd is a web application that allows you to make recordings of your screen without problems or complications. It has a very easy interface that will help you discover and select the tools and options.

With this application you can view or choose the size of the shot to be recorded , the duration time, as well as offering you the facility to choose when to pause the recording or when to stop it.

Now let’s keep in mind that this application offers you many advantages. One of them is that it allows you to control the recording of your pc screen easily and without the need for additional programs .

Some computers have trouble making screen recordings due to their performance or resources. On the other hand, that application called Scrnrcrd, can be used without downloading it, this translates into a better recording quality and decreases the loss of fps .

But you may wonder, How can I use this application to make recordings of my screen on my pc from my browser? Well then, you will see in an easy and simple way 3 steps to use this application and to be able to record the screen of your pc from any browser without problems.

Steps to record your PC screen with the Scrnrcrd application

Before explaining these steps, there is one important thing to remember. As it is an application from the browser , you do not need to download it, make any payment to use it or register with your email. You simply enter the page and you will be able to record your screen.

Once you enter the page, the use of this program is quite simple. You just have  to click on the “Record” button and select the options that will be displayed automatically. Among which are whether to record the full screen, a browser tab or an additional application.

After the recording begins, you can make the video you want and with the material you select. When you finish, you just have to click on the “Stop” button and the recording will automatically stop.


Once the recording is stopped, just wait for the application to generate a video of the recording made (this is done in a matter of seconds). At the end of the video generation process, a “Download” option will appear, click there and the download of the video in WebM format will begin.

By following these 3 easy steps you will be able to make an infinite number of tutorial videos, online game gameplays or any recording without affecting the performance of your computer.

Take advantage of this 4k quality screen and audio recording program to make videos of any kind without spending a single penny, without downloading applications or programs that consume many resources from your pc. Remember that recording your PC screen with Scrnrcrd is the easiest and simplest way and you can do it from your browser.

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