How to record my mobile screen up to 120 Fps

Currently, many people are creating new content every hour; This content covers many aspects, but the most used are videos. There are video tutorials, others record gameplays and much more. Therefore, you may be wondering , How can I record my mobile screen up to 120 FPS? Discover the answer in this article!

What are FPS

FPS is also known as frame per second (frame per second). Anything that has an electronic device has fps. Why? The answer is that these reproduce images at high speed, to simulate movement.

It is for this reason that, especially in video games , having a high FPS range translates into better performance. In the case of shooter games like Fornite, having high FPS favors a lot, since they make the difference between the defeat or the victory of the game.

So having a high FPS rate guarantees a pleasant experience, especially when it comes to video games. That is why if we want to record the screen of our Android mobile or Iphone while we play with our mobile device, we must take into account certain factors that influence the FPS.

Factors to take into account to record the screen of your mobile

To be able to record on your mobile device, you must take into account factors such as: the type of range of your device (low, medium or high range), also the type of program or app you will use. In addition to this, you must be clear about the content you want to record. This helps us determine what things will affect the FPS of the recording.

If we want to record gameplays , keep in mind that depending on the game you are going to record, the reaction time may be affected; so the first recommendation to increase or record with high FPS is to lower all the graphics to the game.

You can use programs or applications to record the screen of your device , the most recommended for this would be Az Screen Recoder and Game Screen Recorder. Next, see how to record your mobile screen using these applications and also how to record without using applications.

Record the screen at maximum FPS

We will begin to explain the step by step of how to use the applications to record the screen of your mobile, you can even record the screen with audio .

AZ Screen Recorder

This one is super easy to use. The first thing we must do is press the floating icon of the application that appears located on the main screen, just on the right side. The option to record appears there . We can stop the recording whenever we want. For this, we must slide the notification bar down and press the recording option .

The recording is done by default in HD quality, without watermark or advertising. In addition, to record our parts, this application offers a fairly high FPS quality that, depending on the range of the mobile, can be up to 120 FPS.

Game Screen Recorder

This application is focused on those who like to broadcast live. This app allows you to record and broadcast gameplays, so to use it follow these steps.

The first thing to do is open the application, by doing so, it will automatically start recording games, the desktop and even applications. Using the application’s adjustment button, we can improve the video speed, the resolution and even the frames per second, thus achieving the desired 120 FPS.

Also some mobile devices have their own applications to record the screen by default; Although these applications are easy to use, you must take into account the aspects specified above, so you can get the best recording experience.

In short, the recordings of the screen of our mobile largely depend on the range of it . Using these applications you can record at a decent FPS. Also, you can find out which is the best video recording app for YouTube . If you like this article share it with your friends and family. Leave us your comment to know your opinion.


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