How to record broadcast on twitter?

The Twitter User has the opportunity to Record a Live Broadcast with Hardware or Software; For this reason, you must follow this procedure: First, go to the configuration of your application or Hardware.

Once in its application, the User continues with the procedure: Choose a personalized Transmission Server ; choose Twitter from the dropdown option to verify that encoder with your Twitter Account.

Log in to your Twitter Account with the Username and password of the Account to which you want to send the Transmission and accept the permissions. Next, it begins to transmit the video in the social network Twitter.

Share Live Stream or Replay on Twitter

To Share a Live Transmission or Replay on Twitter, the User must follow the guidelines and procedures available on the Twitter platform to carry out said action; In this sense, it must:

Click on the Share icon located in the full screen mode of Live Video or Replay; then select one of these options: Click on Live Share (when it is a Live).

O Share from the beginning (when using Repeat mode); Click on Share from to Tweet, send by Direct Message or copy the link of a Live Video or Replay from a moment that the User chooses through the selection bar.


The User has the possibility to Prevent a person from Viewing and Commenting on their Live Video on Twitter; one of the ways is to block that individual from doing absolutely nothing with your Live Video.

To block the person, the User must: Click on His comment, choose his Profile, click on the Gear, choose Block user. That other person’s Account will no longer be able to interact with your Live Videos and will be blocked on Twitter.

The User as a spectator can report comments that they consider offensive and abusive. To do this, choose the comment and click on Report comment. With this action, you will no longer display the other person’s messages for the remainder of the Live Stream.

Content Not Allowed in Live Videos

The Rules and policies of Twitter establish the content not allowed in Live Videos , such as: Videos that contain graphic violence, adult content or hateful images that violate the peace and well-being of Users and the public.

Any Live Video that is posted with the intention of promoting hostility between humans for reasons of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, national origin, etc.

Twitter has zero tolerances with Live Videos or other publications that present content and images that involve abuse of any kind of children, adolescents and young people; and of abused, mutilated animals.

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