How to record audio with VLC on PC easily?

Learning to record audio with VLC from your PC is one of the best ways to take advantage of this wonderful player. In addition, it is an excellent way to avoid having to install more than one program, since it is so complete that, if you learn to use it correctly, you will not need anything else.

Learn how to record audio with VLC on Windows

The procedure to record audio with VLC from your Windows PC is very simple and, to begin, you must open this playback program, which you can do through the recognized icon of the orange cone.

Activating the REC or record button

Now, within the application, and before you can record, you must activate the corresponding mode. This is achieved by selecting the upper tab ” View ” and then “Advanced controls”. In this way, a new red button with a point shape will appear on the lower belt of the options, the typical one for recordings.

Where will it be recorded from?

To continue you must open the ” Media ” tab and then click on “Open capture device”, although you can also do it using “Ctrl + C”.

Within this new window you must display the menu corresponding to the “Name of the audio device”, where you will have to choose which will be its source, which can be from the microphone of your PC or external microphones, to finish click on ” Play ”


Now, after you have prepared everything mentioned above, you can start recording, for which you must press the ” REC ” or red button that you have activated previously.

The good thing is that through the same indicator you can pause and resume whenever you want, and to finish the recording you just have to choose the ” Stop ” button or the small square icon.

From a Mac device

To record audio with VLC from a Mac PC, the steps to follow vary a bit, but they are still simple, you just have to keep paying attention. So, the first thing you will have to do is open the VLC application , which you must have previously installed on your computer.

The Audio mode

Next, select ” File ” and, within this, the “Open capture device” section to finally choose ” Audio “. It is very simple!

What will you use to record audio with VLC?

Thus, located in this last window, you must select the source from which the recording will be made, which, in this case, are three options. You can do it from the built-in ” Microphone ” of the Mac; by the “Built-in line input”, that is, from an external microphone; and through a “Soundflower Entry”.

Let’s record!

Finally, you simply have to choose the ” Open ” button and then you can search the bar or menu for the ” Play ” option , in which you will also have to click ” Record “.

Where are the recorded files saved?

If after making your recording you want to access the file, this is very simple, as they are generally saved in the default folder, unless you select others.

In this sense, and for both operating systems, you will have to open the “File Explorer” and go, to facilitate finding the correct folder, towards the search bar.

You can then type the word ” vlc ” or “vlc-record”, since the files you have recorded are usually called that way. Thus, the system will show you the available files and you will be able to access the containing folder or proceed as you wish.

Another interesting fact about this versatile player is that you can even record from any source within your computer.

What does this mean? Well, as long as it is playing, you can perform the procedure and the audio will be recorded, also, always remember to choose the source option that best matches what you want to capture , as the results may vary depending on this.


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