How to record audio from Google Chrome tab

If you are one of those who use Google Chrome; You may wonder, what are the best extensions for Google Chrome? , since the extensions that help us to do the things we need. If you are looking to record audio. We want to show you how you can record the audio of a Google tab.

And the world is full of millions of sounds. From the time we get up until we go to bed we are listening to them. Sometimes we are so focused on other things that we tend not to perceive some of them.

However, there are audios that we would like to listen to over and over again, be it sounds of nature, music , the voice of a special person or something else. For this we will need the right tool at the right time.

This occurs even when we are browsing the Internet and we come across pages that have audios or sounds that attract us so much that we want to capture them .

Luckily, it is very easy to find and install Google Chrome extensions on an Android mobile , or on your PC. So we know that you will not have any problem, to make your recordings with Chrome Audio Capture .

Record your audios with Chrome Audio Capture

What we bring here is a very easy to use extension that gives us very good results. It is Chrome Audio Capture , the tool that this browser offers us to record the audio or sound of any tab.

So we no longer have to worry if when we play an audio on a page and we want to save it we do not have how to do it. With this extension we will store it either in WAV or MP3 format .

What is more, if we have more than one tab open there will be no problems to record them separately simultaneously. It comes with the alternative to mute the tabs where the sound is being captured.

By doing this, the recording will continue to be carried out normally, only we will not hear the sound momentarily and until we have it. It really is a very useful tool.

Install the extension and start recording the audio of a Google tab

Undoubtedly for this, we must know how to easily find and install extensions in Google Chrome? . In the case of Chrome Audio Capture we must go to the Chrome Web Store; here you will find this tool. When you do, click the blue button “Add to Chrome” and confirm that you want to install it by pressing “Add extension”.

Once installed, you will see the extension icon at the top right of the screen identified by a red dot (REC). Ready, we can go to any page where we want to record the audios.

To activate it, press on the audio capture icon and use the interface or the hot keys to start or end the capture.

When we stop the extension or the time limit is met, we can name and save the audio file in WAV or MP3 format. Then we will access them in the Chrome downloads folder. We can modify these options in the Chrome Audio Capture extension settings .

In this section we will find the settings for recording time and quality. Chrome gives us a 20 minute time limit due to memory restrictions . In any case, we will adjust this depending on how wide the sound is. As for the audio quality, if it is an MP3 file, let’s change it to 96 kbps, 192 kbps or 320 kbps.

Hotkey support

The keys that will make our work faster and easier, if we are not applying them with another extension, can be the following: Ctrl + Shift + S and Ctrl + Shift + X. The first combination will allow us to start capturing the audio in the current tab, while with the second we will stop it.

With this you already know how to record the audio or sound of any Google Chrome tab. If you already have other extensions and your browser feels slow, remember that there are ways to check which extensions are slowing down your Google Chrome .

Now it only remains to try this extension, and to record your favorite audios . Share this post with your friends and acquaintances, so that they also enjoy this tool. Do not leave without leaving us your comment.


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