How to read QR code with Xiaomi

Browsing the web, you came across a QR code that you would like to scan to discover its content; however, you have only recently purchased your Xiaomi smartphone – or you have simply never carried out this operation before on a device of this brand – and you do not know which apps can be useful for this purpose. Don’t worry: if that’s the case, know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In this guide, in fact, I will explain how to read QR code with Xiaomi , both through some predefined apps and thanks to the use of third-party tools. It is a very simple procedure: all you have to do is frame the QR code with the camera and consult its associated content, which can be a simple text or a link that refers to videos, contacts and so on.

If you are ready, therefore, take a few minutes to dedicate to reading the next paragraphs, make yourself comfortable and keep the QR code you want to scan at hand: I’m sure that, by following my simple instructions, you will be able to view its content easily. Happy reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • Default apps to read QR code with Xiaomi
    • Scanner
    • Camera
  • App to read QR code with Xiaomi
    • Google Lens
    • Barcode Scanner
    • QR Scanner
    • Other apps to read QR code
  • In case of problems

Preliminary information

Before telling you in detail how to scan QR codes with Xiaomi , I believe it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information to help you better understand what QR codes are and what the scanning operation you are about to carry out consists of.

The abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response and indicates a code similar to a barcode, but with a square shape, which can contain information , links to websites and other data. Reading QR codes allows access to precisely this information, wherever they are: you can find QR codes online as well as on paper flyers, newspapers and wherever someone has decided to share information with this technology. They are also very popular in pubs, pizzerias and other places, where menus are often accessible just by scanning a QR code.

As the name suggests, the reading of the data is immediate, and takes place by scanning the code with the camera and thanks to software installed on the smartphone (or even on tablets and computers.

This immediacy of use makes QR codes very “attractive” even for cybercriminals: the contents of a QR code, if used by malicious people, can be harmful and pose a risk to security and privacy . For this reason, it is always good to ensure the reliability of the source of the QR codes and be wary of unknown contents.

Furthermore, it is good to use only safe solutions to scan, especially in the case of third-party applications: rely on the safest and most reliable, preferring open source ones (with public source code). Furthermore, it is good practice to always check the permissions requested by the apps , to make sure that the operation takes place with the utmost respect for privacy and your data.

Now that you are aware of this preliminary information, we can get to the heart of the tutorial and find out which are the best tools for reading QR codes with a Xiaomi smartphone .

Default apps to read QR code with Xiaomi

So let’s move on to the solutions you can adopt to scan a QR code with your Xiaomi smartphone: the first I want to talk to you about are the default ones , already available on the device and ready for use.


The simplest and most immediate method to read QR code on Xiaomi is to use the default smartphone app , pre-installed on the manufacturer’s devices and which therefore does not require any additional download: it is called Scanner and you can find it on the Home screen or in the drawer of the app.

All you have to do is start it through its icon , depicting a square divided by a horizontal line : once identified, tap on it and you will be shown the main screen, with the camera activated. The QR code scanning function is usually the default one with respect to the others, such as the Documents scanning function ; if not, press the QR Code icon located just above the camera shutter button to select it.

You are now ready to scan: use your smartphone to frame the QR code as clearly as possible within the frame on the screen. If the lighting conditions are not ideal, you can turn on the phone’s flashlight by pressing the flashlight icon above the QR code icon or the lightning bolt symbol , top left.

Once the code has been framed correctly, the scanning process will be automatic and immediate: you will be redirected to the Result screen , where you will be shown the text or link contained in the code. In the latter case, press the Go to website button to reach the shared page through the code, which will automatically open in the browser of your smartphone, or, depending on the case, through the most suitable app for the purpose (such as for example the Play Store , if it is a link to an application).


Another native application that allows you to read QR codes is the Smartphone Camera , provided that this feature has been correctly activated.

Start the procedure by starting the Camera app by pressing the camera icon in the applications menu. Now, on the main screen, touch the ☰ symbol, at the top right, and then the gear icon , to access the Settings menu .

Therefore, scroll the screen until you find the Scan QR code item : if the corresponding lever is deactivated, tap to move it from OFF to ON and thus activate the function. Then press the Back button of your smartphone (the symbol ) to return to the camera and use it to frame the QR code: note that you will not need to take a photo, but simply point the smartphone lens towards it. to allow the camera to detect it.

Once detected, the new View QR Code Details button will appear on the screen : press it to be redirected to the Result screen , where you will be able to access the information contained in the code.

App to read QR code with Xiaomi

If your Xiaomi smartphone model does not have predefined functions for scanning QR codes, don’t worry: you can rely on one of the many third-party apps available on Android, which allow you to carry out this procedure with ease. Here are some of the best ones I recommend.

Google Lens

The Google Lens app offers, among its various image recognition features, also QR code reading: if you are used to using the apps of the Google ecosystem, it could be the most suitable solution for you. In case it is not already installed on your Xiaomi smartphone, you can get it by connecting to the Play Store via this link and pressing the Install button to start the download.

Once installation is complete, start the app by pressing the icon ( a square with a blue circle in the center ) and, if requested, allow access to the camera by replying affirmatively to the message that appears on the screen. Once this is done, you will see the main screen with the camera activated: tap the Search item with your camera and turn it towards the QR code you want to read, framing it clearly following the lines of the square on the display. Once the code is located, it will be highlighted on the screen and the link it contains will appear next to it. Now, tap on the shutter button (depicting a magnifying glass ) to search for the contents of the code and access options to open it.

Select, therefore, the one that suits you best, by pressing the Website button to open the link via browser, Copy URL to copy the link and paste it where you want, or Share to share the link through one of the apps on your smartphone ( SMS, email client, messaging app, social media or other). Really easy, right?

Barcode Scanner

Another of the best apps to read QR Codes is Barcode Scanner : thanks to the open source ZXing libraries (“Zebra Crossing”), it allows you to read both QR codes and barcodes with ease, and is available for free on the Play Store . To install it, follow the link I gave you and press the Install and Accept buttons and wait for the download to be completed; then, start Barcode Scanner by pressing the icon (which shows a barcode ).

Now, with the device in a horizontal position , point the camera towards the QR code in order to frame it clearly in the center of the display, as indicated by the red line. So wait for a few seconds to allow the app to scan.

If the operation is successful, you will see three buttons on the screen: press on the one most useful to your needs, choosing between Open browser (to open the link contained in the code via the browser of your smartphone), Share by e-mail (to send the link via e-mail), or Share via SMS (to send it via SMS to one of your contacts instead).

QR Scanner

Even QR Scanner is an app open source that I highly recommend, because you can scan the QR codes in safety thanks to malware detection and other harmful elements in the content, as well as in the utmost privacy. It is available on the Play Store at this link : you can install it simply by accessing the page I have just indicated and pressing the Install button .

Once installed, at the first start, press on Continue at the bottom right three times, then on Allow to allow access to the camera. Point the lens at the QR code you want to read, making sure to frame it following the red indicator in the center of the screen; in a few seconds, the scan will be done and you will see a new screen with the results. Following the advice provided by the app, if the link is reliable, click on the item I checked the link and I want to visit the site to put the check mark; then, tap on the Continue button at the bottom right and then on the option Visit URL .

If you would rather share or copy the link, instead of pressing the Continue button , tap the Share button at the top right (with three dots joined by a line ) and select an app through which to forward the link, or on the Copy button to copy the content.

Other apps to read QR code

In addition to those we have just talked about, there are many other apps for Android to read QR codes on Xiaomi and that I recommend you try: below are some of the best, which you can rely on in complete safety.

  • Binary Eye– also Binary Eye is an open source appbased on ZXing libraries, safe, free and simple to use. Once installed, all you have to do is allow access to the camera and frame the QR code: once the scan is complete, you will see the link in the Content tab, where you can press the green button at the bottom right to open it or use the Copy keys to clipboard to copy the link and Share to forward it.
  • QR & Barcode Scanner– another free, reliable and efficient app is QR & Barcode Scanner : in addition to scanning images, it offers many options for sharing and saving the link and also for printing. Also in this case, you will simply have to install and start the app and point it at the QR code to scan and then press the Open link item , or another option in the menu.
  • QR Code Reader– simple, fast and effective, QR Code Reader allows you to scan codes and read from images in a few simple steps. Once access to the camera is granted and the shot is taken, the simple and essential interface shows the content link and offers the possibility to search the web, copy the content or access it directly via a browser.

For further information, I suggest you take a look at my guide to apps for reading QR codes ; also, if you need more information, please refer to my tutorial on how to scan QR code .

In case of problems

How do you say? Have you tried using one of the apps I recommended, but the QR code scan was unsuccessful? In this case, first make sure that you have framed the code clearly : it must be visible, in focus and positioned in the center of the lens, so that the chosen app can read it correctly. It may help to clean the smartphone camera , so that it does not prevent it from being displayed correctly, and to increase the brightness conditions of the screen.

In the same way, it is also important to find the right distance and inclination of the smartphone, moving it away and slowly approaching the code until you find the optimal one.

For further information on how QR codes work , instead, consult the guide that I have dedicated entirely to the subject.

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