How to raise your hand in Zoom?

Zoom is one of the applications that has grown the most since the pandemic came into our lives. Practically every confinement meeting was done through this videoconferencing platform, and although in some parts the pandemic seems to have ended, the truth is that Zoom is here to stay and that is why it continues to be very present in the professional and educational fields.

Nowadays Zoom is used more than ever, it is necessary to know all the useful functions that the platform has. That is why we will tell you a little about what you should know about the option to raise your hand in Zoom.

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  1. What features are in Zoom meetings for your participants?
  2. What is the use of raising your hand in Zoom?
  3. Procedure for raising my hand at my Zoom meeting
    1. On a cell phone
    2. On PC
  4. How can I lower my hand in my lecture

What features are in Zoom meetings for your participants?

Among the most useful functions that you have available in Zoom meetings is to record the meetings, use a whiteboard in the conference that allows you to write things that the participants can see, share your screen with the members of the meetings and many other things. more.

In addition, you also have the function of raising your hand , which is what we will discuss this time. This function is very similar to raising your hand in classrooms, because raising your hand sends a message to the meeting administrator that you intend to speak, so he should give you the right to speak when he deems it necessary. .

What is the use of raising your hand in Zoom?

In addition to the fact that raising your hand in Zoom sends a message that you intend to speak (we discussed it above), this function also serves for the meeting administrator to keep track of all the people who want to have the right to speak , because when several people raise their hands, the administrator can realize this and establish an order so that people can speak. When a member of a Zoom meeting has their hand raised, all users in that conference will be able to see it.

After the administrator of the room gives you the right to speak, you will have to manually activate your microphone so that when you speak, everyone can hear you .

Procedure for raising my hand at my Zoom meeting

Raising your hand in a Zoom meeting is really easy and useful. To raise your hand in Zoom from the cell phone or from the PC is a little different, without being complicated in either case. Be that as it may, we will tell you how to do it in both cases.

On a cell phone

To raise your hand in a Zoom meeting from mobile you have to first join one, obviously. When you are in the meeting, you have to click on the 3 horizontal points that appear in the bar below and select the option “ Raise your hand ”.


In case you have Zoom installed on your PC and you are in a Zoom meeting and want to raise your hand in the meeting, what you should do is enter the section where you can see all the participants. You have to search among all the members of the meeting for your profile (look for your name) and to one side you will get different icons, among which you will see the palm of a hand , you must mark that symbol to be able to raise your hand.

How can I lower my hand in my lecture

After you have passed your right to speak at the Zoom conference or meeting, the hand on the platform is not lowered automatically, as you will have to lower it yourself after speaking. To lower your hand in Zoom, at least on mobile, you have to re-enter the section with the 3 horizontal points and press where it says “ Lower your hand ”. In the case of computers, when you want to lower your hand in the meeting you have to go back to the section where all the conference participants leave, look for your name, and deselect the icon of the palm of the hand that comes out to the side of your user.

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