How to quickly create or make a barcode in Adobe Illustrator?

Learn how to quickly create or make a barcode in Adobe Illustrator. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the skills and knowledge to streamline your barcode creation process.

How to Quickly Create or Make a Barcode in Adobe Illustrator?

Creating a barcode in Adobe Illustrator can be done quickly by following these steps in a tabular guide format. This guide assumes you have a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Illustrator:

Step Action Details
1 Open Adobe Illustrator Launch the program and create a new document or open an existing one where you want the barcode.
2 Select the Barcode Tool If Illustrator has a dedicated barcode tool, select it. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a plugin or external barcode generator.
3 Choose Barcode Type Decide on the type of barcode (e.g., UPC, EAN, Code 128). This depends on your specific requirements.
4 Input Data Enter the data you want encoded in the barcode. This could be a number, text, or combination of both.
5 Adjust Size and Appearance Set the dimensions of the barcode and make any necessary adjustments to its appearance, such as adding text above or below the barcode lines.
6 Position Barcode Move the barcode to the desired location in your document. Make sure it’s clearly visible and not obstructed by other elements.
7 Test Barcode It’s important to test the barcode to ensure it scans correctly. Use a barcode scanner or a mobile app to test it.
8 Save or Export Once you’re satisfied, save your document or export the barcode as needed (e.g., in PNG, JPEG, or as part of a PDF document).

Note: If Illustrator does not have a built-in barcode generator, you may need to use a third-party plugin or online barcode generator. In this case, you would generate the barcode externally and then import it into your Illustrator document as an image or vector graphic.

Creating a barcode in Adobe Illustrator  can be quite simple, you just need to get some plugins to be able to do it quickly. Illustrator tools will be an excellent help in the process of creating your barcodes, we will comment a little about them later .

The barcodes used are normally assigned to products so that they can be recognized by scanners, they use vertical lines. In addition to them, you also have the option of using QR codes that you can create from Canva , this has the same function only that it works with a dot matrix.

What do you have to do to create a barcode in Adobe Illustrator?

  • First, you need to understand that without a plugin that allows this process, it will be impossible to achieve it, to obtain it, you must take care of some aspects. Start by checking which version of Adobe Illustrator you have installed, for this, you must go to the configuration or check the installation disc case.
  • Well, knowing this, you should go to the web and look for the best plugins to make barcodes and that are compatible with your version of Illustrator. For general recommendation and compatibility, we recommend using Barcode Toolbox , a plugin that is very useful in this activity.
  • It is necessary to bear in mind that the plugin must be downloaded with Illustrator closed, so that it is not necessary to restart it so that it can be installed. As this plugin is compatible with most versions of Illustrator, it will be easy to explain how to make your barcode .
  • To proceed to the step of creating the code, open Illustrator as usual, of course, after you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin that was recommended above. This annex for Ai has been installed correctly if it appears directly in the toolbar, being its usual place on the left side bar .

Create a barcode in Adobe Illustrator with the Barcode Toolbox

  • To start the creation process you must select the option ” Barcode Create “. This will bring up a box where you must enter the barcode data. With the drop-down window, you must select the type of barcode that will be created. The most common (food and product packaging) uses the UPC or EAN.
  • If you want to obtain barcodes for warehouses or warehouses , you must choose the type Code 2-of-5 or a Code 128. Once the type of code has been selected, take care of entering the data in the text box. You need to keep in mind that these codes are provided by the administration.
  • The plugin will not be responsible for directly generating the codes . Basically, this is not your task, just crafting the barcode from one that can be alphanumeric. Now, determine what the code measures will be, all this through the same Barcode Create tool. Remember them for the following codes that you create.
  • To finish, you must click outside the Barcode Create box and the barcode will be generated there. To handle it, you must select all the elements with the combination ” Ctrl + A ” if you use Windows and ” Cmd + A ” in case of using Mac.

The importance of handling Adobe Illustrator and barcodes

  • Adobe has always stood out for the efficiency and capabilities of its design tools and creation of illustrations, pages and so much more. With the adobe tools you can create the shapes and drawings you want with its shape creator and everything you want you can later  convert into a vector.
  • Based on this, it is understandable why many people prefer to use such a tool to create these barcodes . As it is possible to add elements that can facilitate the task, in the area where the label that will carry it is possibly being created, it is something very efficient.
  • Illustrator has an immense amount of options that can allow you to create without thinking about anything other than letting your imagination fly. Hence its great relevance in this regard . Additionally, it can be mentioned that the plugin that has been mentioned can be of great help for the creation of different codes and does not pose any risk to the PC.
  • Adobe Illustrator is the preferred program among designers, but for those who are not used to using it it can be somewhat tedious, if you are one of those who have never used this program, do not worry that from Excel you can create a barcode .

Creating barcodes in Adobe Illustrator is a straightforward process that offers flexibility and customization options. By following these steps, you can quickly generate professional-looking barcodes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are managing inventory, selling products, or implementing a tracking system, Adobe Illustrator provides the tools and features necessary to create visually appealing and functional barcodes.
In conclusion, familiarizing yourself with Adobe Illustrator’s barcode creation process allows you to enhance your efficiency and productivity in various industries. Start creating barcodes today and unlock the benefits of streamlined tracking and inventory management.


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