How to put WorPress in maintenance mode

When you have an active website, the changes you need to make at certain times can leave sections not working properly. This can cause your users to suffer various inconveniences and not generate a positive impact of your website on them.

How to Put WordPress in Maintenance Mode

In order to solve this and allow you to make modifications in WordPress, without your users suffering any inconvenience, you could put the maintenance mode in WordPress .

Putting your website under maintenance using WordPress is really simple and you have several methods to achieve it. Therefore, here we will explain one of the most practical and simple ones, based on the download of the “maintenance” pluging .

You must bear in mind that placing your website in maintenance mode must be temporary , that is, for a short period of time. Since exceeding the time could demotivate your followers to enter your website.

Step by step how to put WorPress in maintenance mode

Next, we will easily explain you step by step how to put WordPress in maintenance mode.

  • First of all, you will have to enable registration in the WordPress content management platform.
  • Then you must have your account active, and be located specifically in the administrative part of WordPress.
  • Then on the main WordPress page you can see an icon with the name of “plugins” , which you must select, you will enable a window with all the plugins available to add to WordPress.
  • This window has a search engine where you must enter maintenance as a keyword and then you must click it and it will automatically search for all the options available at that time.
  • At this point you could choose to download whatever you like. But for practical purposes, “maintenance” will be downloaded, to do this, click on the “Install now” button.
  • Once this plugin is installed, an icon will be enabled to activate it , which you must click. Immediately, after activating it, a “maintenance” icon will be enabled on the left side of the screen.
  • Then you must click on the “maintenance” icon and automatically your page will be in maintenance mode.
  • A pop-up window will open immediately with different options, among them are the page title, header, description, image, among others. After this you must save the changes, it should be noted that the maintenance mode of your website will never be affected.

As you may have noticed, placing your page under maintenance , using WordPress, is really simple. But have you asked yourself: What should you visually place on your maintenance page to keep your website attractive while making the relevant modifications? Here we will give you a series of ideas that will help you.


What to put on your maintenance page

Having the maintenance mode active in WordPress if you are starting your website from scratch you could put ” web under construction “. This will ensure that no one enters except for people who know of its existence.

But you should also consider that, if you are going to  promote your website or Social Networks before it is officially launched, it is advisable to add certain elements such as:

  • Logo: Insert your logo so users can identify you and know who you are.
  • Form: A subscription form to attract interested people and notify them once you open your website.
  • Countdown timer: Add a countdown timer so users know when the launch day will be.
  • Description: Add a short description about yourself or your company.
  • Links: Place links to your social networks your social networks so that they follow you in another way.
  • Contact information: Add contact information either an email, telephone or contact form.

In conclusion, a website is an alternative means of business strategy today. Therefore, you will have to invest a little time and money in it. Knowing how to put WordPress in maintenance mode you can offer a better service to your customers in general. Starting from the need to maintain a quality website that requires care, reviews and maintenance.


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