How to put Windows UWP apps in full screen

One of the main complaints that Windows 10 users have is the impossibility of placing their Microsoft Edge browser in full screen .

This action is extra for many of the users, due to the great capacity of the search engine to be able to carry out this task in a correct and quite optimized way, while the search becomes a true torture impossible to handle.

However, something that not everyone knows is the fact that Microsoft Edge has a mode in which you can put this screen in full mode on your computer. All thanks to the updates that have their latest version .

If you use Windows 10, it has some basic tips, tricks and shortcuts that will be very helpful depending on the use you can give it, such as not knowing how to reinstall this browser on your PC , or perhaps because you need to disable automatic startup. of it . However, not everyone knows them and we will not dedicate that in this post.

How to use full screen shortcuts

One of the main shortcuts that you should know is: Shift + Win + Enter , which works exclusively within UWP applications ; You can try this shortcut especially with some specific web pages within Microsoft Edge, such as Netflix, and Youtube , with which you can perform any function on these webs in a normal and comfortable way.

If you want to exit full screen mode , it is important that you press the same shortcut again, with which you can automatically undo the initial option and the screen will return to normal.

Another option you can do is to move the mouse just to the top right of your screen , then you must wait a couple of seconds, and you will see how the title bar will appear and with that you will be able to see the button of exit from said full screen, with which you just have to click on it and everything will be ready again.

You will notice that when the application is in full, it continues to respond to all the swipe gestures that are made.

Based on this, both forms of gestures when sliding, can be seen in a fluid and normal way, both in the application and within the system.

Within Edge, for example, you will have the possibility to slide to the left to be able to enter the following pages or even those that are prior to the history bar .

Full screen within Windows 10 for UWP

If you use the full screen mode within Windows 10 with UWP applications you will notice that the view is better than when they use the full screen that is incorporated within the application.

Likewise, the full screen that offers us the ease of accessing the taskbar, whenever you move the mouse, just towards the bottom of your screen .

However, you must remember that desktop applications such as Chrome have their own full screen mode which is integrated, however, it does not allow you to access the taskbar.

And although this seems an excellent idea for daily use, the full screen mode has some disadvantages , such as the failure with certain UWP applications, likewise, there is the risk that you cannot have more than one application within your session in full screen, you won’t even be able to slide between them.

Once you have entered the full screen of any UWP application within Windows 10 , it will not come integrated with an alert within the screen which warns us of anything that happens with the system

Similarly, the full screen mode cannot be abandoned by pressing the ESC key, which is an old feature that has been adapted to various operating systems.


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