How to put two images together in WordPress

WordPress is a widely used platform at the moment for the creation of web pages and blogs . And all thanks to its simplicity, but still has certain limitations when it comes to wanting to upload images for publication. And we say this because there is no option that allows us to put an image together. This is why in the following article we will show you how to put two images together in WordPress step by step.

But if this is what you want to do in your publication, let’s show you a way through HTML encoding that will allow you to put two images together.

And you will wonder if this is not a difficult operation and the answer is no, we will just write some codes in the WordPress input editor and you will realize how simple it is.

The WordPress platform, as we have already mentioned, is very simple to work with and allows you to add a lot of content . This to show your followers and subscribers a well-developed and attractive page. And knowing how to insert images or an MP4 video   into a post is ideal for creating your WordPress site.

How to put two images together in WordPress step by step

Let’s start this tutorial that will guide you through all the steps you must follow to  place two images together in WordPress . And for this, we will go to the WordPress platform and look for the publication where we want to include two images together. Now we will place the cursor in the post editor.

The next step will be to go to the top of the publication editor and click on the Add image option if you do not have it in Spanish, it will be Add animage. You must upload the first image from the WordPress image gallery or from the PC. Once this step is done, you must click the Insert into post button.

Continuation of the steps to put two images together in WordPress step by step

This action will add the first image to the publication and we will add the second image and we will proceed in the same way, as we did with the first image.

Now go to the post editor and click on the HTML tab . This will allow you to see the source code of the entry, now you must position yourself with the cursor on the blank line of the first attached image.

And you must paste the following code <a rel = attachment   after the margin-right code   a number appears, this indicates the distance in pixels between the images.

Change this number to reduce the distance. Now position your cursor to the first blank line after the code for the very first attached image. And the code should end with the image name and tag.

The next step is to go to the second image and put the cursor on the first blank line before starting the code for the second attached image.

If this blank line does not exist, hit the Enter key and a line will be created. Now you must write on that blank line . And then you must write on the blank line that appears after the code in image number two.

Now to finish these steps you just have to Save or if you prefer just update the entry, maybe all these steps seem a bit complicated.

But don’t worry, just do it patiently and you will see that you can perform this operation without problems. WordPress is very versatile and allows you to do almost what you want in your publications, it is only necessary to know a little more about the platform.

And in this way we come to the end of this tutorial, which shows you something that was believed impossible to do in our publications. And in a didactic way we have taught you how to place two images together in WordPress step by step.


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