How to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen?

If there is something special about the giant Microsoft it is its ability to surprise us , for better or for worse, with each new version of its Windows operating system. With Windows 8, the Redmond company stumbled on its start menu settings. This time we will show you how to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen.

Criticisms of Windows 8

There is no doubt that Microsoft suffered the level of criticism for the design of the Windows 8 start screen . An operating system that will be remembered with more pain than glory in the history of the technology multinational.

Windows 8 eliminated the start button from its main interface, replacing it with a set of blocks displayed all over the screen. This configuration was designed more for touch devices such as tablets, to the detriment of the more traditional ones such as PCs and laptops.

The Windows 8 operating system responded to a market strategy. Its purpose was to face severe competition from Apple through the iPhone and other personal touchscreen equipment.

For the most traditional and recalcitrant fans of the American multinational, the criticism was immediate. A good part of these reproaches focused on the fact that the main interface was redundant and cumbersome, since it became an alcabala to enter the traditional Windows platform.

Also, in the case of more traditional PCs and laptops that do not have a touch screen, the experience with Windows 8 becomes poorer. Using the main interface block menus for keyboard and mouse computers does not get the same performance as for touch screens.

Back to the start menu

With the arrival of Windows 10, one of the most anticipated changes by users has been, of course, the return of a revamped start menu .

This renewed configuration, although it appears to be very simple, has immense potentialities. In addition to the wide range of possibilities in terms of customization. Here you can learn how to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen.

It is a process similar to other types of customization, such as customizing the Windows 10 sounds and notifications. Or changing or customizing the orb start button. Don’t worry, all the steps to follow are simple.

Among the most noteworthy functions for users who transcended Windows 8, is the option to configure the Windows 10 start menu in full screen mode.

In this way, instead of having the classic screen that unfolds vertically from the start button, this menu, together with the rest of the applications, occupies the entire screen of the computer.

Discover the best way to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen

The most impressive thing about Windows 10 is that the configuration and deployment of the start menu in the main interface is extremely simple. To know how to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen, you start by opening the Windows 10 configuration menu to the directory: ” Personalization> Start ”

When the Windows 10 ” Start Menu ” is presented for the first time , the first thing that can be observed are two clearly differentiated compartments. The left section contains:

  • Personal account icon, this allows you to customize your account, and other settings such as logout, user change and computer block. These are the most used apps, Windows 10 shows you the most used applications to have them at hand.
  • Recent apps, shows the most recent apps for easier location. Shortcuts, as it is known, accesses are used to facilitate and achieve speed to view any document , such as music or images.
  • Turn off your Apps, finally, the menu appears to suspend, restart or turn off the computer. In addition to allowing you to see a total list of installed applications.

The section on the right, acts as a canvas on which the different blocks or tiles of the size and that the user considers are placed are placed.

This is how the Redmond giant sought an intermediate alternative between the practicality of Windows 7 and the leafiness of Windows 8. This article shows the user how to put the Windows 10 start menu in full screen.


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