How to put the marked posts on your Facebook?

The social network Facebook has a wide variety of sections where you can share and upload publications of any kind. In this platform there is the option to create pages and groups, and in these spaces you can create and publish creative posts to spread them to an unlimited number of users.

An advantage that the platform of this social network has is that it has the configuration of setting a publication (in your profile, group or page). This adjustment consists of placing the post of your choice at the top of the profile . Therefore, the steps to be taken to mark these publications will be explained below.

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  1. What is the use of marking a post on Facebook?
    1. Increase the visibility of your publication
    2. Highlight the most important information
  2. What should you do to pin a Facebook post?
    1. In a Facebook group
    2. From your Facebook page
    3. Facebook Ads
  3. From where and how can you pin your posts?
    1. From an iPhone
    2. On an Android device
    3. From your computer

What is the use of marking a post on Facebook?

When you mark a post on Facebook, it will automatically appear at the top of the page . In this way, when entering the profile, the first publication that will be visible is the marked post. This setting is widely used, as it brings a variety of benefits, such as the following:

Increase the visibility of your publication

Users mostly use the option to pin a post when it turns out to be very important and relevant to their profile image. By marking the post, all the people who will enter your profile will have a complete view of it, and will be able to see what you consider most important.

Highlight the most important information

By placing a post at the top, the focus of attention will go straight to it. Therefore, this function can be used to place some interesting and important information that the owner of the profile considers convenient to place.

What should you do to pin a Facebook post?

The option of setting a post is an adjustment that is available in any type of profile on Facebook , as well as the procedure to achieve it is easy and fast. The process is executed depending on the type of profile from which you want to mark the publication, whether it is a personal profile, a group or a page.

In a Facebook group

Creating a group on Facebook is a widely used method to ensure a better relationship with a group of users. To anchor a publication in the upper part of the group, you have to select the three points of the publication in question and click on the option ‘fix from above’. For this it is necessary to be a moderator of the group.

From your Facebook page

In case you manage a page on Facebook, it is possible to set a post. For them, you have to enter the page and go to the publication you want to bookmark. In the menu in the upper right corner you must select the option ‘fix at the top’ .

Facebook Ads

If you are an administrator of a page on Facebook, you can mark one or more posts as ads , and to have more visibility, they can be pinned to the top of the page. To do this, you have to find the publication and click on the ‘more’ icon, within the menu and press the settings ‘set from above’.

From where and how can you pin your posts?

Fortunately, the process to mark a post at the beginning of a profile is very simple to do and can be achieved in the different versions of Facebook, from the mobile phone application to the web version .

From an iPhone

In the version for iOS devices, the setting of pinning a post is easily within reach. When you go to your profile and search for the desired post, you only have to open the menu in the upper corner, then you must select the option ‘fix publication’, and it will already be anchored.

On an Android device

For the Facebook version on Android, the procedure is the same as for the iPhone version . In the same way, for both versions it is possible to unpin the publication just by pressing the icon with the three dots and clicking on ‘unpin from above’.

From your computer

With the web version, from your computer’s browser, this process can be accomplished in a very comfortable way . Entering the section of the groups, pages and having your personal profile in public , you only have to look for the publication and in the options menu choose ‘fix at the top’.

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