How To Put the MAC bar in Windows 10 – Customize Windows 10 as MAC

The two most popular operating systems in the world are Windows and MAC , some prefer to work on the Microsoft platform, while others are Apple fans. In relation to the above, you should know that combining the advantages of both is possible, with actions such as putting the MAC bar in Windows 10 – customizing Windows 10 as MAC, a process that we will teach you here.

Put MAC Bar in Windows 10 – Customize Windows 10 as MAC

Fortunately in the Microsoft operating system there are many customization options , programs that allow you to change the overall appearance of the system, for example you can change the appearance from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and there are also other options that make more subtle but significant changes.

One of the most interesting applications of the style of those mentioned before, is the one that introduces the popular MAC bar within Windows 10 . This bar is very liked by MAC users, since it is very beautiful and intuitive and today we will show you the easiest way in which you can have it.

What is the MAC bar?

The style present in Apple’s products is widely recognized worldwide, the brand does not only sell products, it also sells style . This can be seen even within your software, as is the case with IOS or MAC operating systems.

Undoubtedly one of the most striking aesthetic points of the Apple operating system is the MAC bar. The bar is the equivalent of Windows startup in terms of popularity, it is for this reason that many want to integrate this great tool into Windows 10 .

This dynamic bar integrates shortcuts to folders, programs, Internet browsers, recycle bin and can also be customized. Users switching from MAC to Windows often miss this unique feature of the system, but there are ways to integrate it into Windows . In turn, you can get an even closer look to Apple’s OS by installing the Mac mouse cursor on Windows 10 .

Put the MAC bar in Windows 10 – Customize Windows 10 as MAC

It might seem that it is impossible to integrate a tool like the MAC bar , to another operating system, in this case Windows 10, but the truth is that it is a fairly simple process. Follow the instructions below to put this MAC tool on Windows.

  • To put the MAC bar in Windows, you will need to download a program called RocketDock . You can download the application from its official website .
  • Once you are on the App website, look at the bottom for the tool, it appears by the name RocketDock, click on Download . The application weighs only 7 MB, so the download process will be fast
  • Once the file is downloaded, run it and install it as normal.
  • When the installation process is finished, a shortcut will be created on the desktop, you can start the program through this link.
  • Once you run the program, the MAC bar will appear at the top of the screen.

A dynamic and customizable bar now in Windows 10

RocketDock is a bar that you can customize to your liking , you can put it anywhere on the screen and configure the options offered by the application. You can customize this useful program in the way that suits you best.

Put the bar in Spanish and make other settings

Many users have complained that the program runs in English , but it is possible to change the language very easily. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • When the program is executed, a small icon with a hammer appears , through it you will be able to access the configuration options.
  • Once you enter the program settings, the language change will appear as the first option. Go to Language and Spanish selection, after this press OK .
  • Once you’ve changed the language of the program, you can also make other changes, such as the position, style, and even the RocketDock icons. Configure the application to your liking.

As a final piece of information, it is also possible to customize the sounds and notifications of Windows 10 . In other words, you can add Mac sounds (and others) very easily, enhancing the illusion of using this Apple operating system.


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