How to Put Text to a Video Using Camtasia Studio – Quick and Easy

Video editing is a process where an editor uses one or more fragments of video , photos, images, music or other audio files, to compose an audiovisual material using programs such as Camtasia Studio , to be reproduced in different digital or analog media; it is a widely used program in this field. See how to add text to a video with Camtasia Studio .

Learn what Camtasia Studio is and how you can put text to a video

Camtasia Studio

First of all, Camtasia Studio is a suite or group of programs, which were developed by the TechSmith company, initially to facilitate the creation of video tutorials (videotutorials) and screencast-type presentations, by means of a plug-in. which is used to record directly from Microsoft PowerPoint, although you can also do it in another way .

Camtasia Studio until recently consisted mainly of two tools: Camtasia Recorder (for screen capture and audio) and Camtasia Studio Editor (for handling multiple clips on a single track); its most recent version of 2020 integrates them into a single program called Camtasia.

How much does it cost and what are the requirements of Camtasia Studio 2020?

Camtasia Studio is a program that can be used indefinitely by paying a license, but for all those interested in trying it and knowing how it works, you can download it,  install it and use it freely for a period of 30 days (although with a watermark in all the videos that you do).

If after the trial period you decide to purchase it, the price of Camtasia Studio in its 2020 version is USD 249.00 (excluding taxes), plus optional USD 49.75 for one year of maintenance that guarantees you 24/7 support for mail or telephone; the payment you make for this program will be one time and for life.

For windows

  • Microsoft Windows 10 , update 1607 “Anniversary Update” or higher.
  • 2.8Ghz 6th generation Intel Core i3 processor with dual CPU cores.
  • 8 GB of RAM .
  • 4 GB of available space .
  • Screen dimensions of 1366 x 768 or larger.
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or later.
  • Nvidia GeForce 10 series graphics card or higher.
  • USB or other external microphone to record voice.

For Mac

  • Mac with Intel Core i5 processor with 4 CPU cores .
  • MacOS 10.13 or later.
  • 4 GB of RAM .
  • 4 GB of disk space .
  • Requires PowerPoint 2016 , 2019 for Mac.

Steps to put text to a video using Camtasia Studio

The first thing is to have our project open, otherwise we must press the “Import media” button on the main toolbar; then we click on the “Callouts” button located in the task list, we will immediately see that the options are shown in the upper left panel and where it says “Shape”, we will display its list by clicking on the scroll.

In the “Special” section, an icon with a letter T will be shown referring to “Text”, click on it. And at the bottom where the timeline is we will see a new layer or track that represents our text; By default it will be placed at the beginning of the timeline but we can slide it to the point we want.

In the upper panel we will see a gray field where we will write the text that will be shown in the video, so easy and fast! ; At the top you will see a toolbar with icons like those of Microsoft Word to define its size, font, color, alignment, if we want it underlined, curved or bold, etc.

We can also place the time it takes for the text to appear and disappear in the options “Fade in ‘and“ Fade out ”, which by default is 1 second; We can see the result in the preview monitor located on the right side of the screen, when we click the Play button in the shape of a lying triangle.

Camtasia Studio is an interesting option if you want to venture into video editing, its interface is not very complicated; even its additional cost includes exclusive training to improve your skills through a Camtasia Certification.


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