How to put Swipe Up on Instagram

If you are one of those who use the photographic social network for practically everything, surely you have wondered how to put Swipe Up on Instagram .

Swipe Up is a social network feature that allows you to access a link by simply swiping up from a Story. Therefore, it is a tool specially designed for those with professional accounts. In fact, it has a limitation, and that is that in order to use it you must have at least 10,000 followers.

If you meet this option, linking to Swipe Up on Instagram is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is follow the steps below, which will not be too complicated for you if you are used to posting stories:

  1. Create a story on Instagram
  2. Click on the icon of the chains that you will find at the top
  3. Write the URL of the link you want your story to go to
  4. Edit the story as you like
  5. Post the story

Once the story has been published, you will see a swipe up option appear . Every time a user does it, they will be able to reach the link that you have shared easily and quickly, something that is very convenient.


As we have commented previously, you need to have at least 10,000 followers to be able to use Swipe Up on Instagram. But if this is not your case, you may have wondered if there is any way to publish links on Instagram Stories without having 10K followers . And the reality is that it is not impossible, but it is quite complicated.

For starters, there are applications that allow you to share on Instagram stories by adding a link . This is the case, for example, of Spotify. If you share a song as an Instagram story, the link will appear for other users to listen to on the platform. The problem is that with this you will only have the option to publish very specific and specific links. But in the event that the application you want to share the link with has that option, you can take it into account.

If it is not possible, you always have the possibility of sharing by direct message or putting the now classic link in the bio .


It is possible that, even having an account with more than 10,000 followers, you have ever seen yourself in the situation of thinking I cannot put a link on Instagram Stories, why? . In principle, the possibility of putting the Swipe Up should appear automatically. But it may happen that you do not find the available option.

If you have just reached 10,000 followers or open your Business account (another option that will allow you to solve the problem of how to put Swipe Up on Instagram), it may take a while to see that possibility available. We also recommend that you have the Instagram application updated to the latest version, since otherwise it can give you problems. And if you still don’t fix the problem, we recommend that you contact the social network support.


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