How to put subtitles to my videos from the Android cell phone?

Some of us like to take advantage of our free time to watch a good movie or any video at home. Even when we are on the street, these free spaces can be presented to us and we could do the same using our Android cell phone. But maybe the videos we choose come in other languages ​​and do not contain subtitles and we will be disappointed to think that we will not be able to watch them; However, technology allows us to do many things, including subtitling videos from cell phones.

If you have an Android cell phone and you are one of those who loves to take advantage of opportunities to watch videos on it, you will be interested in what you are going to read. We want to show you in this post, how you can add subtitles to your videos when you are using your mobile. Do not miss it!

Instant captions: Android tool with limitations

The most recent versions of Android have a tool that allows you to put subtitles to the content that we play on the phone . It gives us the option of using it in videos, movies, podcasts, music and even for content recorded by ourselves. The big drawback is that these subtitles are currently only available in the English language.

In any case, if we are interested in knowing how to activate it, follow these steps: 1) Press the volume button; 2) Below we will see the option “Instant subtitles”.

By pressing it we should now be able to see subtitles when we are playing our contents. We can customize it by going to the configuration that the app gives us. Let’s take into account that the battery consumption is higher when we activate this tool.

How can I put subtitles in my language to the videos?

In order to find them, we must download an application that allows us to carry out this action. One of the best known and most used is VLC, available for Android phones.

Thanks to it we can add subtitles or download them from an external file , which makes it a tool that we want to have on our mobile. How do you use this app? It’s really not very complicated, just follow this guide:

To find subtitles automatically from the cell phone

This action will depend on the content that we have downloaded from the web. For the player to search for subtitles, we must activate the function by going to the “Settings” section At the top left, click on the menu, distinguished by three lines, and click “Preferences” – “Subtitles” – “Subtitle download languages” and apply the one that suits us.


This is often the most widely used alternative. The first thing we should know is that the subtitles must be loaded from a format where the extension is SRT to the video we want to play.

There are many web pages that offer us these subtitles that we can even use to watch our videos in their original version. When you download them from your Android phone, they will be saved in a folder, which you should be aware of.

So what we have left is to open our VLC player , enter the content that we are going to see and look for the subtitles button that appears to the left of the play-pause. This will show us several options, where we find: audio track, subtitles, select subtitles and the last one, download subtitles.


By pressing “Audio track” , we are allowed to choose the audio we want to hear, being able to select, for example, between the original audio or with dubbing, if it has them.

To insert the external file with the subtitles to our Android cell phone, we must give the option “” Select subtitle “. A folder will open where the file will be, but if it is not there you have to look for it in other folders on the phone.

Once located, we select it and verify that it is working by clicking on the “Subtitles” section in the menu , which will show us which subtitle track is selected. Ready! We only have to buy the popcorn and enjoy the video that we select at the moment.

Putting subtitles to our videos on our Android cell phone is a simple task. Now you know how to do it and you can share this information with others so that they can also enjoy their videos. Leave us your comment if you found what we just showed you useful.


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