How to put spell check in WordPad and Notepad? In 3 Steps

WordPad is a useful program to make texts quickly and easily, allowing you to carry out quality writing in a basic and simple way , even adding or inserting images in the document and you can also correct the spelling in Wordpad.

For extensive functionality, this tool allows you to perform some tasks such as the following:

  • Make lists.
  • Facilitates the formation of characters and paragraphs.
  • You can specify the tabs very well.
  • Research texts.

The scope of WordPad is special because it has toolbars that can help you create basic writing texts .

Now if you have installed the Worpad program  and want to correct the spelling in Worpad, we offer you the steps to follow.

WordPad spell check

Writing a document on a computer, with a text program, is practically easy and at the same time beneficial. Most computers have a spell checker installed, but in this case WordPad does not have a spell checker .

But, this is not an impediment to using this writing tool, since, with its help, you can transcribe any type of document.

Even after making a transcription, you could use an alternative, a grammar and spelling checker, to correct grammatical errors . Here are the steps to follow.

First step for spell checking

An easy and simple way to check the spelling of the written text is by manually using the correction based on a dictionary . A detailed line-by-line review has been proven to find errors that computers won’t be able to verify. In addition, you will enrich your language and writing.

Second step for spell checking

A practical option and widely used by professional-level writers, is to search for proofreaders online who check the texts. The way to do it is not difficult either, you just have to copy the text and paste it into the proofreader on the internet page.

Click on the option, Spell Check and it will automatically scan for errors. A very useful suggestion is to make this correction after you have manually analyzed the document.

Third step for spell checking in Worpad

The third step in checking the spelling of your document is to copy and paste the text . Computers usually come with a spell checker installed like Microsoft Word.

This, it also has the option to correct , by left clicking on the word to be verified, and if you need a synonym you can also get it.

How to put spell check in WordPad and Notepad? In 3 Steps

Windows has a WordPad and a Notepad with a very good interface, since it allows opening a Wordpad document in Word quite simple and comfortable. Both are basic to digital writing, however, you can find practical ways to correct mistakes .

These spell checkers can help you do more complete and efficient work on your document. Here are the steps you need to take to perform the spell check.

First step to correct spelling in Wordpad

Downloading software that supplements your default Windows writing programs will help you correct your text.

Second step to correct spelling in Wordpad

Select the WordPad or Notepad document you want to scan for spelling errors. You will need to open the downloaded software and it will appear on the taskbar for quicker access.

Third step to correct spelling in Wordpad

Once you have the correction program you will decide which style of corrective analysis to use. For example, Spell Check Anywhere has a Notepad replacement called Hyper Notepad, so it has an additional checker .

On the other hand, you can use FreeSpell by copying the text from WordPad and adding it to this spelling error analyst. In addition, you can get any program on the internet that can help you review and change your text for a better job.

We hope this article helps you correct your work. And keep enjoying Wordpad features like making or editing a T chart . This is an excellent tool so use it to the fullest.


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