How to put Samsung Galaxy phone in Download mode

If you have a Samsung phone you can make settings from activating the vibration to save more battery, the ability to record the screen and share with your friends, the opportunity to update your OS and  activate the “Download”. Download mode is a condition that allows you to prepare the cell phone to make changes to its original programs.

In this sense, changing the operating system of a telephone device requires a series of steps, which you must carry out with great care and patience so as not to cause damage to your device or its apps. Now, if you have the question of How to put your S3 phone in download mode? then join us we will tell you what to do.

Download mode of a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, what is it?

Download mode is a condition that allows you to prepare your telephone device so that you, as a user, have the option of being able to make certain configurations in the room (read-only memory) of your mobile programs. Generally it is a mode used by software developers, in order to make some configuration to the mobile phone that is not pre-installed.

If you find yourself in need or simply want for whatever reason, to activate this function, then you will have to follow a series of steps in order to enable it, which brings us to the next topic.

Samsung Galaxy S3 phone in Download mode

  • You can place the Dowload mode of the Samsung S3 by following these practical tips:
  1. The first thing you should do is proceed to turn off your cell phone, for this you must hold down the power key until you see the option to turn off.
  2. Later you must press the following keys at the same time: “Decrease Volume”, “Start key”, and “Power key”, leave it pressed for a few seconds, until the “Download menu” appears .
  3. Then you will see a warning notice on the screen, where you will have to decide “if you want to download a custom operating system”; For this alternative, press the “volume increase” key, now if you decide to exit, press the “decrease volume” key to cancel said process.
  4. If you decided to download the software then this procedure will automatically put your S3 phone downland, how will you know? because you will visualize, through the screen, the emblem of Android with the word downloanding. Easy, simple and fast true.
  5. Now what follows is that you connect your phone to the computer through the USB and through the Odin tool you start to make all those settings you want to your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now you might wonder and then how do I get out of the downland state? In the next point we will tell you the options.

Exit the Download state?

  • Exiting the Download state of your cell phone, once you make the changes in the programs of your S3 cell phone is really simple, there are two ways to do it:
  1. Once the download of the room is completed through the Odin tool, your mobile device will restart mechanically and when it is turned on it will begin to work as usual.
  2. In case of any failure and the phone does not turn on normally, you will have to put the mobile in recovery mode , to do this, follow these steps:
  • Press, simultaneously, the “volume increase” key, the “start” key and the “power” key on the mobile. Hold it down for a few seconds until the recovery mode menu is displayed on the screen
  • Later you must choose, through the volume keys, the option wipe data / Factory recet .
  • Then press the power key, wait while the process is running.
  • After this process you must choose in the same menu, the other option that says: wipe cache partition and then press the power button, wait a moment for the process to run
  • Ready this process, in the same menu select the first option that says reboot system now, press the power key and your mobile will automatically restart as factory and will work as usual.
  • It is important that you back up the files on your phone so as not to risk losing some files, such as photos, chat, etc. in the process.

In summary, the download mode allows you to change the configuration of your phone’s software to install new ones that were not preset on the cell phone. We wait for you in another article with useful tips for you.


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