How to put photos in a widget on iPhone

Widgets have come to iPhone with a great design and tons of customization options. And among them we have a photo widget that reminds us of our best moments, or at least those that the iPhone chooses. With the iOS default Photos widget we cannot choose which photos are displayed , but fortunately there are other options.

Choose the photos you want and paint in a widget

Developers can create as many widgets as they want, and we have some great photo widgets . With them we can choose the size and the photos we want to appear in a widget on the home screen of our iPhone.

If you want to choose the photos that appear in the widget of your iPhone , we are going to tell you how you can get it quickly and easily.

A widget with the photos you want

The problem with the iOS photos widget is that it is completely autonomous and we cannot choose the photos that appear, although it can be a good thing to remind us of old and forgotten photos. But if you want to be the one to choose the photos that appear in the widget , this you must do.

There are many photo widget apps, even some that do much more than that , but we have chosen one that is very easy to use and of course free. Is named Photo Album and the first thing you should do is download it from the App Store.


Install Free


Its operation is very simple and you just have to follow these steps to create a widget with your chosen photos:

  1. Open Photo Album and tap on Add Album.
  2. networks edit the album name above and select the photos you want in the widgets by tapping on Add photo.
  3. Select the photos you prefer from your library and at the top tap on Add.
  4. You can edit each photo to crop or rotate it.
  5. When you’re ready, click Save.
  6. Now exit the app.
  7. Hold down the iPhone screen and click on the “+” at the top left.
  8. Find Photo Album and select the size of the photo widget you prefer.

A widget with the photos you want

The photos will change automatically from time to time without you having to do anything, it is a great way to have a photos widget on the iPhone or iPad with only the photos you really want.

This is just one of the apps to make photo widgets, but there are other interesting alternatives . For example we Photo Widget , Widget Photos or My Widget , which are also very good alternatives, it is interesting to try them all to choose the one you like.


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