How to put my social media links on my YouTube channel?

YouTube, being a social network with a significant flow of people, is an excellent strategy if you have a channel to put the links of your social networks on your YouTube channel . To capture part of this traffic on the different platforms where life is made.

How to Put Social Media Links on my YouTube Channel

This is very useful to improve your Internet presence in a comprehensive way. Because you can take advantage of other social networks and present different types of material in different formats.

In addition, it is also possible to place the link of the web page associated with the channel , if it has one. To acquire a high quality traffic and improve your reputation on the internet.

Method to put the links of your social networks on your YouTube channel

The first thing to do is open the YouTube platform, being careful not to delete YouTube videos and enter the account in which the channel is owned. After that, you must click on the profile image of the channel and select the option “Your channel” .

This action opens the page where the channel is displayed and all the elements it contains, there is also the option to upload videos to the platform.

Next, locate and select the option “Customize channel” that is in the upper right corner of the YouTube interface in blue. This will lead to a configuration section where you can modify different elements concerning the appearance of the channel.

By positioning the mouse cursor over the channel header, a brush will be displayed in the gray right corner. Next, you must click on the brush and select the option “Edit links”.


This will take you to the section where links to other pages and applications are configured. At the bottom of this you will find the ” Links ” section . If you do not have any box to fill in, you must press the ” Add ” button , which will add it.

The title and link should be placed in the sections provided, bearing in mind that in the “Link title” section , the name of the social network must be written, if applicable. When all the desired links are added, proceed to select the ” Done ” option and thus complete the process.

Considerations for putting your social media links on your YouTube channel

It is important when putting the links of your social networks on your YouTube channel, to have knowledge of certain elements to give them the proper use and configure them optimally.

Only a maximum of 14 links can be added and these cannot be changed position, so it is important to add them in the desired order of display and priority.

If you have an Instagram profile for companies , it can be shared as a link in a YouTube video. Also, with this advantage, you can start to monetize the videos on the YouTube channel to fully enter into economic matters.

The first links are those that will be shown in the header of the channel and therefore will get more views.

The number of links that you want to show in the channel header is determined in the box containing a number. This is positioned above the links in the same link configuration section.


Depending on the number that is selected, YouTube will add, choosing from top to bottom, the links that have been entered. For this reason, to put the links of your social networks on your YouTube channel, it is important to establish the priority based on this function, since if you want to change you must proceed to delete and re-enter the link.

Those links that do not fit this number will be shown in the “About” section of your channel and therefore tend to have fewer views.


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