How to put links in a Canva image

Today we will tell you how you can put links or hyperlinks in Canva step by step . It is an extremely simple procedure and you can add it to your presentations whatever the design.

Canva is one of the tools that is being used the most to create graphic designs, whether to create images for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever you can think of.

How to Put or Insert link, Links or Hyperlinks in Canva Easily

And not only that, you can use it professionally to create and design a modern logo or branding kit, create infographics, animations or whatever comes to your mind. And the best thing is that you can do it online from your website, either from your computer or mobile device.

We always recommend that for the editions you work from a computer , since the screen is much larger and you can observe all the details in greater detail.

However, Canva is a good option for your mobile in case you have little time and cannot do it from the comfort of your home or work, since you can take it with you everywhere.

It is a great advantage for those days when we are in a hurry or we are traveling. You have no excuse to start a design anywhere, you just have to have an internet connection. Remember that with Canva you are designing from a web page .

Whichever device you choose to work with, we will tell you below how you can add links, links or hyperlinks in Canv to (so that later you can learn more complicated things like creating custom QR codes ).

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  1. How to sign up for Canva to save image with link
  2. How to insert a link into any Canva presentation from the PC
    1. Insert a text box
    2. Click on the link icon
    3. Write or paste the hyperlink
    4. Download the image or presentation as a PDF
    5. How can I put a link in Canva from my cell phone

How to sign up for Canva to save image with link

Go to the Canva website and log in. In case you don’t have a profile or account created in Canva, you can create it using your Google or Facebook account . Once you have done it, click on Create design from the menu that you have on the left of the screen.

Choose from one of the designs that Canva offers you and decide the size you want the design sheet to be. It will take you to a new tab where you can start designing.

From the menu on the left you have all the necessary tools to create an image. If you want to edit an image that you already have saved on your device, select the Uploaded files tab and then upload files.

Once you have uploaded all the images you want to modify, click on any of them to take them to the edit sheet.

How to insert a link into any Canva presentation from the PC

Insert a text box

If you need to place a text box in your Canva design, you can do it in a very simple way. You just have to go to the “Text” panel that is on the left side of your computer and click on it. This will show you different options. You have to click on “Add a little text” and then you will get a text box in your design. You can write the text you want and you can also move it and change its size.

Click on the link icon

To put a link to an icon you first have to click on the tab that says “Elements” after this you click but the option “Icons” select the one of your preference and then the icon you chose will be in your design,  just You have to choose the element you want to change to a hyperlink then you select the icon and go to the top among the options you will find one that says “link” you click and paste the hyperlink finally press the “Apply” option.

In order for readers to open the links in the browsers you have to download your design in PDF, another way for your readers to open the links is by sending your designs by mail.

Write or paste the hyperlink

To place a link or hyperlink, the first thing you should do is copy the hyperlink that you want to show in your design, you go to the option where it says “More” which is located on the left side of your screen, select it and there you will find the option “Insert” put the hyperlink you copied and press the option “Add to design” and voila it will appear in the design.

The links you add can be edited again, even if you have already saved the image, to do this, we select by dragging a rectangle with the Link or Select Object tools from the top of the screen.

You can move it, resize it, change its appearance, or delete it. For all of them you must follow the sequence: Attach icon> Tools> Edit PDF> Link> Add or edit.

As you can see, adding a link, links or hyperlinks to a Canva presentation is very simple, and you can insert as many URLs as you like.

Download the image or presentation as a PDF

When you have finished your presentation in Canva to download it you have to click on the “Download” option at the top. Then, a list will appear, now you must press “Suggestions” and again different options will appear, among them “Standard PDF” and “Print PDF” . You select the one of your preference and then you give the download option that is a little further down. By completing all these steps, your presentation will have been downloaded to your computer.

How can I put a link in Canva from my cell phone

To place a link from a cell phone to your canva presentation, the first thing you should do is copy the link that you are going to place then you go to the “More” option which is in the lower right part of your phone, there it will appear a circle with a + in the middle you select it, you will get several options, press where it says “Insert” and paste the already copied hyperlink ; Finally, click on the “Add to design” option.

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