How to add instagram to tik tok;5 Ways

How to add instagram to tik tok. Here is the right result: a practical guide to the passage of videos and photos between the two Social Media.The TikTok platform in recent years seems to be almost irresistible. Its ability to attract the attention of the most heterogeneous users goes from pure entertainment to the curiosity to observe this new world.

The youngest of the social networks tries, thanks to the possibility of creating and sharing amateur mini video clips, to look out to an immense slice of the public by proposing interesting ideas of pure entertainment or related to more serious themes. Although the ease of creating a profile is disarming, it only takes 5 minutes to personalize it with an avatar and bio, the process of linking the Instagram account to the TikTok one is not as simple.

In the next few lines we will try to understand How to add instagram to tik tok by examining all the cases and guiding you until you reach the desired result.

How to add instagram to tik tok

  • Practical guide to the passage of videos and photos between the two Social Media
    • How to add Instagram to TikTok profile
    • How to insert the Instagram link on TikTok
    • The importance of filters
    • Troubleshooting

How to add Instagram to TikTok profile

1.After the preliminary information necessary to get started, the time has come to start the process to put the Instagram account on TikTok. Don’t worry, the process is extremely quick and uncomplicated.

2. Once you have downloaded the official TikTok app , for Android or iOS , you obviously have to create a profile and verify it by email. After this step you can log in. If you already have a TikTok account you can log in directly or from the different platforms: Facebook , Google , Apple or Twitter if you want to avoid re-entering the data or do not remember them perfectly.

3. Once logged into your TikTok account, at the bottom of the main menu you will have to click on ” Me “, from here a window will open in which the word ” Edit profile ” will appear , do not be afraid, click on it.

4. Now the new screen will present you with several items, you focus on the ” Instagram ” one and select ” Add Instagram to your profile “.

5. The application will ask you to add the Instagram account data you are interested in linking to your TikTok profile. You will be faced with the classic screen where you will have to enter: Phone number, username or e-mail and Password . If the TikTok profile you created comes from a link in the Twitter, Google or Facebook account, you can directly press Continue with Twitter, Facebook or Google .

6. Once the data is entered correctly, you can click on Login .

Press on ” Allow ” and you will give TikTok all the necessary permissions to access Instagram information, thus being able to connect both social networks.

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