How to put Google Family Link to Netflix, Amazon, Disney +

Thanks to the Google Family Link, parents can be much more relaxed while their children use mobile devices. This Google application allows parents to approve and disapprove of certain types of content and also certain types of applications. In addition, you can also set the time in which the child will be able to use the screen and from what time they will be able to start using the phone screen.

If you are new to using Google Family Link, it is normal that you do not know how applications are blocked and unblocked. Shortly, we will show what to do in order to manage all the apps that you have allowed in the Google Family application. You will also see how to add access codes to your Netflix profile and how to mark a movie as part of inappropriate content within the Netflix platform.

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  1. What should you do to manage the apps allowed in Google Family Link?
    1. Add an app that is blocked
    2. To unblock an app from your account
  2. What is the procedure to add the access code to your Netflix profile?
  3. How to mark a series or movie as ‘Inappropriate Content’ within Netflix?
    1. Using an Android cell phone
    2. With an iOS

What should you do to manage the apps allowed in Google Family Link?

In order to manage the apps that you have allowed within the Google Family application, it is important that you take a few steps. These steps must be carried out in order to see the list of all the apps that you have allowed your child. Pay attention to how the whole process is done:

Add an app that is blocked

The process that will be mentioned below is the one that must be carried out from iOS and Android devices. The first thing to do is enter the Google Family application and once you are there:

  1. Select your child
  2. Enter the ‘App activity’ section
  3. Click where it says ‘More’
  4. Press the name of the application you want to block and click on ‘Block’

When you block an application, you will be able to notice which other applications are blocked. It should be noted that once you see it appropriate to remove the Google Play parental control from your child’s phone, you can do it with simple steps.

To unblock an app from your account

When you want to allow your child access to an application , you will have to execute the next process that will be shown:

  1. Enter the Google Family Link application
  2. Choose your child’s device
  3. Go to the ‘Activity in apps’ section
  4. Within ‘Activity in apps’ you will press where it says ‘More’
  5. Press the name of the application to which you want to allow access
  6. Finally, click on ‘Allow app’ so that your child can use that application with confidence

This is the easiest way to allow your child access to certain applications . Apart from controlling the applications that your child can use, you should also learn to configure all the parental controls of a Chromebook . In this way you can monitor him 24 hours a day and you will know what kind of things he sees.

What is the procedure to add the access code to your Netflix profile?

Netflix is ​​a platform for movies and series where most of the time there is explicit content. If you want, you could deny your child access to Netflix, for this it is convenient that you add an access code. In this way, not everyone will be able to access the account unless you decide to do so and you will not have to block the application:

  1. Enter the Netflix application on your mobile
  2. Go to the ‘Account’ section
  3. After logging into Account, go to the ‘Profile’ section
  4. Locate an option titled ‘Profile Lock’
  5. Designate the password you have for your Netflix account
  6. Check the option that says ‘Request a PIN to enter the selected profile’
  7. Wait for the application to give you the PIN and start using it

It is important that you know that once your child has a little more extensive learning, it is recommended that you stop using Google Family Link . Once you stop using it you will have to uninstall it .

How to mark a series or movie as ‘Inappropriate Content’ within Netflix?

To mark a movie or series as inappropriate content, you do not need to use the Google Family Link. In this case, you only have to create a personalized Netflix profile for your child . Pay attention to how this type of thing is done from an Android mobile:

Using an Android cell phone

From the Netflix app for Android you can create specific profiles. To do this, you must enter the account section:

  1. Go to where it says ‘Profile’ and create a new profile
  2. Enter the name and password of this profile
  3. Go to profile options
  4. Look for an option called ‘Designate parental controls’
  5. There choose the type of content that you will block, enter the child’s age and other data

With an iOS

In the case of the iOS application, the process is very similar. First you must open the application, go to where it says ‘Accounts’:

  1. Click where it says ‘Profile’ to make a completely new profile
  2. Once that profile is ready go to the options
  3. Find the section ‘Set parental controls’
  4. Select the type of content you want to block completely
  5. Add extra details for the parental control requested by the Netflix application

This is all that needs to be done to block certain types of content on Netflix , so that your child cannot see it. If you want to enjoy all the new features of Google Family Link, don’t waste any more time and update the application from the Play Store so you don’t miss out on anything new.

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