How to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays on the PS4?

If you are a user of the Play Station 4 you will surely want to learn how to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays with friends. By trying this new experience with your friends, you will have fun-filled times and you can even share your experience through YouTube channels or Twitter . Who says you and your friends can’t be the new stars on these platforms?

To provide a quality experience to your viewers you must learn to use all the options so that they can see and hear you properly. So if you do not find the option to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays here you will find everything you need to learn how to configure it.

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  1. What is the PS4 console?
  2. How to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays?
  3. How to broadcast live streams or gameplays with friends?

What is the PS4 console?

PS4 or PlayStation 4, it is the fourth generation of Sony video consoles, it was announced in February 2013 and in November it was sold all over the world. It is one of the most sold consoles currently , reaching 113,800,000 units this 2020.

Such fame of the PS4 has not been free, this console includes new software with advanced features such as putting audios when transmitting direct or gameplays.

Being even more powerful than its predecessor the PS3, it has an 8-core AMD processor with X86-64 architecture . This architecture is designed to perform more efficiently and not only this, but it also features 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM. Having a capacity of 500 GB of storage for games purchased online or other things.

How to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays?

Connoisseurs of the world of games know that these two ways of sharing your games are different and therefore use different settings.

The live broadcasts transmit what is happening live to a streaming platform, not just games, you can find all kinds of transmissions in “Live”. On the other hand, gameplays may or may not be live , in fact, many are not, they are first recorded, edited a bit and then loaded. Having this clear distinction you can go on to record gameplays with your friends or broadcast them live.

How to broadcast live streams or gameplays with friends?

The first thing you should do is create a room or a group for your friends to enter, which can be public or private. At this time it will not be heard, because you must go to “Settings”, entering “Sharing and transmissions”.

Once there , configuration options that Sony offers you will come out. The path that matters at this point is Streaming Settings> Advanced Settings> Shared Audio Settings.

In this screen 3 options will appear with boxes, which are “Include microphone audio in video clip”, “Include microphone audio in transmissions”, “Share group audio”. You have to check all the boxes.

It is important that all your friends have the last option activated, so that you can talk to each other. But something remains to be completed.

In the same “Settings” interface, go to the “Devices” option, precisely to “Audio devices” and to the “Adjust microphone level” tab Because by default PS4 brings this very low audio calibration, so it is recommended to set it to a little more than half.

It is necessary that all players calibrate this option in the same way in order to be able to put audios when transmitting direct or gameplays. All this makes it possible for you to do live broadcasts on different platforms such as Twitch , and of course on YouTube.

You must bear in mind that to achieve a quality transmission you must have excellent internet access and that your connection is stable. How can you do it? Here is a guide on how to connect a PS4 to the internet .


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