How to put “Ask me a question” in Facebook stories?

WhatsApp has a wide variety of functions and services that facilitate interaction between users. Questions are a quick and easy way to find out points of view, ideas, and moods. Are you interested in knowing how to put “Ask me a question” in Facebook stories? We will explain it to you step by step below.

Step 1: Locate Facebook Stories

To locate the stories you just have to go to the top of the Facebook news and publications section. These stand out for their elongated and vertical shape, in which you can see the user’s profile photo in the upper corner .

In case you don’t see the stories section, you should click on the “home” icon shaped like a house . This is located at the top of the mobile application, just below the Facebook logo. In addition, it is the first option to the right of “Search on Facebook” in the web portal of the social network.

Step 2: Create a story

Once located in the stories section, you just have to click or select the option “Create a story.” It is usually found just before the first story and is highlighted by a possessing a plus symbol (+). In this way, Facebook will show you the different content creation options available to users .

The mobile service allows you to add text, music, boomerang, selfies, polls and moods . However, the website only offers the options to “create a story with photos” or “create a story with text”. Therefore, you should consider the equipment you are using and follow the steps that adapt to it.

To be able to place “Ask me a question” in Facebook stories, you must choose the “Survey” option or you can create a story using a photo from your image gallery . Both options are available in the mobile application. In the case of the web version, we recommend using the “create with photo” section.

Step 3: Add “Ask me a question” in Facebook stories

Customizable Facebook questions are available in the Stickers section . To do this, you just have to locate the sticker-shaped icon located in the upper right corner of the editing section. Then you just have to locate the “Questions” sticker and click on it. In general, it is usually located in the last row of this section.

Step 4: Customize the “Ask me a question” section in your Facebook stories

By selecting the “Question” function, Facebook will offer various tools for editing and customizing the content. In this way, you can write the question you want or ask any of the questions recommended by Facebook .

In the same way, it is possible to select the color of the question box that best suits us. The color palette is located at the top of the edit section. Once the question is customized, you can click on “Done” and the application will allow you to move the question box, as well as increase or decrease its size.

To finish you just have to select “Share” in the lower right corner of the screen and that’s it! . Now you can create your questions and interact with your friends and family on Facebook without any problem. As you can see, the process has some similarity to creating a survey on Facebook .

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