How to put Apps icons in the notification bar

Smartphones and tablets that have the Android operating system are widely known for their large number of options, implements, services and tools , as well as their efficient operation and their simple and elegant interface. But these are not all the strengths of this platform, since Android also has, in a way, complete freedom of customization.

We explain it this way, if for some reason you have an Android mobile device and you don’t like the look of your start menu, the app icons or the color of the interface, you have the total ability and freedom to change it to yourself. Nice, but of course, all these processes can only be carried out through an app focused on this type of area.

If you want to make a specific type of change, the best you can do is look for an application from the Play Store or from an alternative or third-party store that serves as a tool to solve this type of problem or inconvenience. But first of all, we have to clarify exactly what we want to change on our cell phone.

There are different facets that are fully customizable within our mobile but perhaps one of the ones that offers the greatest change options is the notification bar. We will tell you more about this and the details of this tool below, so stay with us and find out all the important data related to the notification bar.

What is the notification bar and what does it have?

It is a tool implemented in all existing Android versions . Therefore, we can see it on any mobile device that has this system. Through we can see all kinds of notices presented by apps that we have previously installed. From this implement we will be notified of all kinds of messages, calls and other important data from the apps.

In this we can also see a series of services or quick options which we can activate with just one touch. Within these usually highlight the box of Bluetooth , Wi-fi, Mobile networks , data connection, GPS, dark mode, reading mode, flashlight, screen rotation, battery saving and many more completely useful and necessary implements.

But on the other hand, in some cases there may be a missing tool or other much needed in our notification bar and in most mobile devices we do not have the direct possibility to change these aspects. Therefore, as we discussed previously, our best solution is to opt for an app focused on this work.

How can I put app icons in the notification bar?

There are different tools within which we can choose to add to our notification board, but to achieve this process we will need an application. Next we will tell you about some quite interesting apps when you need to customize our respective status bar or notifications.

Navbar Apps

It is a sophisticated and elegant tool with which we will have different options to choose from to customize our notification bar and add applications without any inconvenience. We can change the color of the interface of our mobile device to our liking, as well as we can change the size of the apps hosted on the notification board.

Another interesting fact about this app is that we can add an image to the notification bar, we can choose between the default ones or one hosted in our gallery.


This is perhaps one of the most complete toolbar customization focused apps on the Play Store . Thanks to Status we will have a long list of options to choose from within which we can clearly highlight the ability to add the application you want to the notification bar.

It also has other interesting points such as offering us the possibility to change the direction and location of the upper icons , in addition to being able to choose the board design that you prefer the most.

Bar Launcher

This is undoubtedly the simplest app compared to the previous ones . Bar Launcher is a tool completely focused on giving us the possibility of adding apps to the notification bar. This will present us with a list of apps within the board in the form of a reel.


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