How to put an expiration date on shared files in Google Drive?

Do you want to share files on Google Drive? Without a doubt, the Google Drive tool is one of the best for sharing documents over the Internet. You can even view and access Google Drive files without an internet connection. Therefore, we recommend that you read the following information on How to set an expiration date to shared files on Google Drive?

Establishing a deadline or expiration date for the files you share over the Internet is a good way to protect our information, since after this time no one will be able to access these files. For this reason we have prepared a guide in which we will show you how this procedure is with the Google Drive platform.

What is the purpose of putting an expiration date on shared files on Google Drive?

Currently there are many platforms with which to share files and Google Drive is one of the most important. Without a doubt, it stands out thanks to its functions and great ease of use, so anyone can use it without major inconveniences.

Sharing documents with Google Drive is quite easy. You can even transfer files to another account if you wish. In addition, the platform provides us with a free space of 15 GB , in the case of being free users, a figure that can be expanded if a monthly fee is paid.

Either way, having files on the Internet and sharing them has its drawbacks, so it is best to take certain precautions before taking this action. Without a doubt, one of the best options is to create links with an expiration date.

link with an expiration date causes the file to be deleted after a time, so that no one else can access the shared link. This feature is present within Google Drive and can be applied for users who are affiliated with Google Suite.

How to put an expiration date on shared files in Google Drive?

Setting an expiration date for files shared with Google Drive is helpful in case you don’t want it to stay on the Internet perpetually. This function is available to some users of the Google platform and you can use it in the following way.

  1. First of all, you need to log into Google Drive . Once you have uploaded a file to Google Drive, you can use the expiration feature. To do this, first locate the file you want to share with a deadline.
  2. Right click on the file you want to share, and click on the “Share” option .
  3. The sharing options will be displayed on the screen, here you must select those people or groups with whom you want to share the file.
  4. The “Advanced” button should appear at the bottom right of the screen , with which we can make multiple configurations related to the link we share.
  5. Also at the bottom and to the right you will find a small icon in the shape of a clock, this is where you should press in case you want to give a specific time to the links.
  6. By default, the application provides a time of 30 days, anyway, you can modify it as you wish.
  7. Once you have finished with the configuration, you just have to click on the save changes option and in this way the shared links will have an expiration date.

Additional Information

As we pointed out before, you must bear in mind that the only way to provide a limit or expiration time for shared links and files is to have your own domain with Google Suite , so users with normal accounts within the Gmail platform cannot they can in most cases access these configuration options.

If you are a user of this platform, then you can share files with an expiration date in Google Drive without major inconveniences. On the other hand, if you no longer want to handle this option, you can stop sharing your files in Google Drive so that no one else can access them.


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