How to put a black high point in my Word document

Generally, the point size corresponds to the size of the text in a Word document and is located at the bottom. However, it is possible to put a higher black point through certain options. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to put a higher black point in my Word document

What is the midpoint or interpoint?

The midpoint, also called “Middle dot” or “Central point” is a symbol that is shown as a centered point and is commonly used to separate words according to ancient Latin writing, as occurs when doing and write the short dash and the long dash in Word using the keyboard .

The midpoint is included in Unicode and is widely used in modern languages ​​today. In fact, it is possible to use this symbol on any operating system other than Windows

What is the midpoint or interpoint for?

The midpoint or interpoint is used to separate parts of a word in dictionaries, to number elements of a list and to separate words in a particular way in a text .

How to put a black high point in my Word document

If you want to put a higher black point in your Word document, pay attention to each of the alternatives that we explain below .

 Use Office symbols

One of the easiest ways to put a black high point in a Word document is by using symbols . The “Symbol” is a tool that presents a set of special characters that can be added anywhere on the page. In fact, you can also insert or write equations in Word when you need them in your document.

Insert a midpoint in your Word document

To insert a midpoint into your Word document, click “Insert” and then select the “Symbol” tool. Then choose “More symbols.”

Immediately, a new window will open containing two tabs with the options: source and subset. Choose the font “Normal text” and write in “character code” the value: “2022” .

The list will mark an item called “BULLET”, press the “Insert” button and the midpoint will be in your text. Also, you can add the “BULLET OPERATOR” which is a black point higher but smaller than the previous one. For this, you must enter the character code “2219”.

Insert a higher point through the “Symbol” tool

It is possible to put a higher black point called “DOT ABOVE” . To do this, click on “Insert” and select the “Symbol” option. Then press “More Symbols” and type the character code: “02D9”. Press the “Insert” button and so you can see the new element in your Word document.

Use the keyboard to insert the highest point black

To insert the midpoint in your Word document using the keyboard , press the Alt key and at the same time press the series of numbers “0149”. Immediately, you will see the “BULLET” symbol or heavy midpoint added to the text. On the other hand, if you want to add a higher point, press “Alt + X”.

Use ASCII code to put a higher black point

You can insert a higher point by using ASCII code. ASCII stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange” and refers to a list of standard symbols that we can use on our computer. Each letter is made up of a number between 0 and 256 which is equivalent to a binary combination (1 Byte).

To put a higher black through ASCII in a Word document, you must press the “Alt key and the series of numbers” 250 “. In this way, you will get the symbol quickly and easily.

Insert the highest black point from the format “Paragraph”

Also, you can insert a black high point from “Paragraph”. To do so, locate this section on the toolbar and click on “Bullets.” Select the thick midpoint and it will be inserted into the Word document.

It is important to note that the bullet with the highest black point is a very useful element because it will help you number the text that you are writing in Microsoft Word. If you have a device other than your PC, you can choose to create and edit your Word document on your Android phone using the Google Documents App.


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