How to put 3D texts behind moving objects in After Effects?

Have you ever wondered how to put 3D texts behind moving objects in After Effects? Then we recommend you read the following guide in which we will talk in detail about what the process is to do this.

Is it possible to put texts behind people or moving objects?

The After Effects tool is very powerful and will allow us to make countless edits even at a professional level. Therefore, putting 3D text behind moving objects is something that can be done relatively easily.

This procedure, as well as making logos, texts and 3D animations, could seem a bit complicated for novice users. In any case, putting text behind people or moving objects is a basic process that anyone who wants to learn about After Effects should know. For this reason, through the following guide we will indicate the procedure to perform this task with the After Effects application.

How to put 3D texts behind moving objects in After Effects?

The process of putting text behind a person with After Effects is not difficult. You can even make a 3D effect on text with Photoshop as well . In any case, it requires following a series of well-structured steps to do it properly. For this we have prepared the following tutorial:

First part

  1. Once you are inside the After Effects program, the first thing you should do is drag the video you plan to edit into the space for a new composition.
  2. The first step is to generate a mask , on the object that is in motion, it is very important that you select the object properly. After doing this, you must press the “M” key.
  3. Repeat the above procedure by advancing a few frames and carry out this action until the video ends. After doing this, After Effects should properly follow the moving object.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the final result, you should go to the mark generated previously and change the option to “Subtract”. Performing this action will remove the moving object from the scene, something that we will need to add the text later.
  5. Must recompose the layer, to thereby press the Ctrl + Shift + C . After completing this process, give the layer a name, such as “video”.

Second part

  1. On the right side of the screen, select the “Tracker” panel and then on the “Track Camera” option In the effect controls, be sure to enable the “Detailed Analysis” options.
  2. After the previous process, the points for the tracking will be generated, advance to that fragment where you want to put the text and select the point you want, press right click and select the option “Create Null and Camera”.
  3. In the project the Null and the Camera will be shown, you can delete the video created previously, but try to drag the original video back to the project.
  4. It’s time to create the text, open the text tool and write what you want inside the video, remember to press on the button to make it 3D and edit the position as you wish.
  5. Head to the Null created and press the “P” key, copy ownership position by pressing Ctrl + C and paste it into the text that you created earlier. Thus already you have the text in the final position.
  6. Press Ctrl + D to duplicate the video and place it above everything. Now you must create a mask on the object, specifically on the area through which pass the text. This process must be repeated every few tables, realizing follow the object.

By performing the steps above, you should have perfectly positioned 3D text on the image with Adobe After Effects. In case you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry, mastering the After Effects program requires persevering. Also, if you prefer another tool, you can choose to add 3D texts with Shortcut . Any of the options you choose will be very helpful.


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