How to protect your Wear OS watch with automatic screen lock

As with mobile phones, it is also advisable to protect access to the smartwatch. And Wear OS offers a way to activate this protection: we explain how to turn it on, what options you have and what the screen lock implies on watches with the Google operating system for watches.

By default, a smartwatch with wear OS is not password protected, but this lock can be activated from the settings; in addition to using other methods, such as the usual Android pattern . The protection prevents anyone else from using the smartwatch . And it is a security tool that enables the automatic locking of the watch when its owner removes it from his wrist, whether he does it voluntarily or if there is theft or loss.

Mandatory for Google Play, recommended as a security method

The security lock allows you to add an impediment to the use of the watch by another person. In this way, it is prevented that someone can use it if it is found on the street, it also prevents access to the information without the owner’s authorization . This applies to purchases through Google Pay .


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Wear OS allows you to block access in three different ways:

  • Pattern. To access the clock, you have to draw on a 3 x 3 dot matrix, just like on the mobile. It is the least secure option.
  • PIN. Wear OS allows you to choose a four-number code. It is the most comfortable and safe option (and the one we recommend).
  • Password. The screen lock is done with an alphanumeric password. Since the Wear OS keyboard is quite cumbersome, constantly typing the password on the watch is very inconvenient.

Any of the three methods protects access to the smartwatch, it also allows the use of contactless payments through Google Pay (as long as the watch has NFC). Now let’s see how to activate this security method:

  • Access your Wear OS settings, on the watch.
  • Look for the ‘Personalization’ options.
  • Go to ‘Screen lock’. It should appear as deactivated in the menu.
  • Choose the lock method that best suits your tastes: pattern, PIN or password. In our experience, the PIN is the one that best combines security and convenience.
  • Configure the blocking method and your Wear OS will have been protected, both manually (you can activate the protection whenever you want, from the ‘Personalization itself) and automatically.

Once the screen lock has been established, your smartwatch should automatically protect itself when you remove it from your wrist , either because you remove it (to charge it, to shower …) or in the event that it is lost or stolen. It will also become blocked if the Bluetooth communication with the phone disappears .

The screen lock in Wear OS prevents authorized access to the watch as a whole: applications, system and payments. With this protection, nobody will be able to access the smartwatch if they do not know the unlocking method; nor can you erase the watch to pair it with another phone. In the event that you forget the pattern, PIN or password, you will have to unlink your watch from the Wear OS app , on your mobile. Once unpaired, the smartwatch can be configured from scratch.


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