How to protect your Twitter account?

Twitter is one of the most important social networks in the world. Enable interaction between users, so that this is immediate and personal between friends, celebrities and even companies. It was Facebook’s direct enemy, but they managed to live in this changing social environment.

Like any social network, it is necessary to periodically improve the strengths of your security, to take care of the privacy of users . Changing the password every 3-6 months is not enough. Avoid personal information loss, identity theft or account loss; These are some of the major problems faced by Twitter directors .

These are problems that, despite the massive nature of this social network, do not stop. Hence, you have to be careful when browsing it and thus be able to be protected from attacks by hackers and others who want to deal with your account.

So, keeping the above in mind, if you don’t want to have one of these unpleasant experiences and be able to unleash your mind in this amazing social network, we present a small guide below where you can see some small steps to follow in order to protect your story on Twitter in a better way. And so to keep all those thieves and hackers out.

Access the drop-down menu

In the top bar you will find all the buttons we use to interact in the social network . Find where our username is located. Click on it to view the Twitter main menu .

Enter your settings

The drop-down menu displays the options and functions of the social network, these are the most important: ” Settings ” and ” Logout “. Click on the first option.

Account options

Once inside the configuration of our Twitter account, we can see how different menus appear that talk about different utilities of our Twitter, but we will only worry about what it says ” Account “. Within our personal information, we will find several boxes that we will use to activate and deactivate according to our tastes.

Our privacy on Twitter

In the ” Privacy ” option , we can assign a series of security measures offered by Twitter, such as who can interact with us, who can receive our messages and even who can read them. When you enable these options, a padlock icon will appear next to the username .

But the real choice that strengthens our Twitter account, is what allows us to use the use of HTTPS on the page ever . In one of the boxes, click ” Always use HTTPS “. This option allows our information to be protected by an encryption system.


  • Check the settings offered by Twitter , from time to time add new security systems.
  • Change your password every 3 months. Use a password that is easy to remember and difficult to obtain. Combine three personal tastes. For example, orange, your pet’s name and color and you will get a unique and undecipherable password.
  • You do not take your personal information to social networks .
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