How to protect my chats or conversations on my Telegram with a lock code

There are a wide variety of applications for instant messaging, today we will talk about one of the main competencies of WhatsApp, if so, we will talk about Telegram , and about one of its most outstanding functions, when protecting our chats or information.

Sometimes we would like to be able to protect each of our chats, to prevent another person from reviewing it, and this is possible through Telegram, as it will allow us to protect them by using a password or access code , which is impossible to do. in the official WhatsApp application.

Well, then we will explain what this app is about, in case you don’t know it, what other functions it has, but mainly how to encrypt or protect messages.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of many instant messaging applications with the most downloads in app stores, as it is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. From this application you can perform all the functions that WhatsApp has, and an additional amount .

Until now, the only thing it does not have in common is being able to make 24-hour stories, but instead you can enter channels intended for the reproduction of music, series and movies , therefore you can chat while playing your favorite multimedia.

You can also send stickers and even video messages, have self-destruction of secret messages and chat, and it is even possible to place more than two images in the profile photo, among other tricks and options . But we are here today is to be able to teach you to encrypt your messages.

How to encrypt chats on Telegram?

The main objective of this function is simple, it only tries to prevent people outside of us from taking a look at our chats without our consent. This can be done on both operating systems.


  1. Once you are on your cell phone, you just have to open the application and enter the account you want. This in case you have two registered cell phone numbers.
  2. After that, you must go to the tab that says adjustment and enter it.
  3. You must slide until you find the option that says “privacy and security.” Press on it.
  4. Press where it says “code and face ID . 
  5. Then you just have to choose « activate code «. Enter the password you want which must have 6 digits.
  6. Then you just have to press where it says confirm and that’s it.


  1. Once you are on your cell phone, go to the central application panel and open the Telegram application.
  2. After this you must go to the three horizontal lines that are in the upper part of the screen. A menu will open laterally.
  3. Look up where it says “fit.” Press it and enter.
  4. In settings select the “privacy and security” option. Then you must go to “lock code” and select it. You must press the switch for this option.
  5. Once done, you must enter the password you want.
  1. Just confirm and that’s it , all your chats will be protected


Yes, it is also possible to download Telegram on the PC and block these messages from the application on our computers, the process is quite similar to Android devices.

  1. You just have to look for the application and open it.
  2. Once this is achieved, you must go to the options, which are found in the three horizontal stripes located in the upper left part of the screen. Press.
  3. Now you just have to look for “settings” and then click on “privacy and security.”
  4. Just swipe and click on “activate code” , where you will enter the password you want.
  5. Press save and you’re done.

I already set the password, now what?

Simple, once you have set and saved the password on any of the systems listed above. You just have to go to the chat room, where you can see an open padlock in the upper right corner of the screen.

You just have to press on it for an automatic blocking of all chats to occur, to be able to see them you only need to enter the password and that’s it.

In case you want to deactivate the blocking function again, just follow the same steps and deactivate the option switch or press ” deactivate code ” in case of doing it from Windows.


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