How to protect my account on twitter?

The User, once verified that his Twitter Account has its security compromised , is suggested to take the following precautions to Protect his Account: Discard the unwanted Tweets that were published while the security was compromised.

Also, scan your PC for viruses and malware, put security patches on your operating system and applications, regularly use a new Strong password, consider the option of using login verification.

In login verification , the User has the possibility of introducing a second verification to ensure that only he can access his Twitter Account and not third parties, with the unhealthy intention of harming.

Online abuse on the Twitter platform

Many virtual situations can occur in the social network Twitter; like, for example: Online Abuse. There are Twitter users who have been abused online; If the User knows a vulnerable person, he can help him by addressing the following Tips offered by Twitter:

The User must try to understand the situation , listening carefully and taking his situation seriously; get the person to seek professional help: Therapist, lawyer, police or other trusted person, who have the strategies to guide them and improve emotionally.

As a spectator , the User has the option of not being indifferent to Online Abuse and seeking to protect the affected person, supporting them in their emotions; finally, report the content on Twitter following the instructions on the Twitter platform.


Being connected with a considerable number of people can be an enriching experience; but it also lends itself to being a source of frustration and misunderstandings if the context of the conversation is not perceived.

When the User views an offensive Tweet , it is suggested that they reflect on the conversation, take a good look at the context of the Tweet, which is short and the intention of the author may be misinterpreted; Also, reply to the Tweet to join the conversation and communicate your concern.

The User has the options on the Twitter platform to Block and Ignore an Account for its offensive Tweets. When you Block a User, you do not receive any information from him; You will also not see it in your timeline interactions. I suggest just ignore.

Contact Twitter

The User seldom needs to Contact Twitter to solve a problem, since the Twitter platform promises him all the tools, instructions, options and guidelines to navigate his network with peace of mind and enjoy to the fullest.

However, there are times when the User alone cannot solve the problems that afflict him in the social network and needs to Contact Twitter to receive the necessary help from their professional experts.

Twitter offers the User its Help Center located in a section of its website; Here it explains step by step each action that the User needs to take to solve different problems that overwhelm him in the use of Twitter.

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