How to protect an iPad mini

When making the purchase of a new technological product, always looking first of all the way to always have it protected. After making a really important investment, the last thing you want is for the product to break by a simple blow. This is also the case with the iPad mini 6, and one of the best ways to have it as the first day is to use a case or cover. In this article we show you the best options on the market.

What to look for in the perfect case

Of course, there are many manufacturers that offer covers for the iPad mini. As we have commented previously, the vast majority of users are interested in avoiding equipment breakage due to the cost that it may have. That is why to help you choose in this decision, we present the most important points to take into account when choosing it:

  • Compatibility: obviously in the market you can find a wide variety of cases for all iPads that currently exist. But not all cases are compatible with all iPads. You should always look for those that are compatible with the iPad mini 6, taking special interest in the inches it can contain, which in this case should be 8.3 ”.
  • Resistance: when looking for a case that protects the iPad mini, obviously you should look for the most resistant one possible. It must prevail as long as it offers 360º protection, that is, it encompasses the rear and front. And if you do a ‘risky’ activity it is important to opt for those covers that are much stronger, even if it entails an increase in volume.
  • Construction Material: In the market you can find a wide variety of iPad cases that are built with different materials. You can highlight the plastic or silicone, but there are also others that have a totally transparent plastic. That is why the material to choose should always prevail depending on the use that is going to be given, this being closely linked to the resistance itself.
  • Design: Cases can get really varied when it comes to the design you have. It is not mandatory that they be transparent, but you may also have an option available that offers a color change to the iPad and there are even others in which you do not opt ​​for a uniform and solid color. Obviously this is something very personal and your particular tastes should always prevail when making this choice.

Transparent covers

When you invest heavily in a device like the iPad, you don’t like to hide your design. This is why covers that are opaque like silicone ones may not appeal to you too much. The alternative that exists is the transparent covers that offer maximum protection without sacrificing the design of the equipment. We show you the most interesting ones below.


Cover that has complete protection by having a double layer so it has an extra function absorbing the blows that it can carry. Of course, you have easy access to all the buttons on the iPad by having a precise cutout. This means that you do not have to suffer when you go to charge it or turn up the volume with poorly finished edges.

Importantly, this case is really easy to install and also to remove. It is built with soft TPU material offering maximum resistance. On the back there is no uniform design, but rather has a rough design to prevent the iPad from falling off a table if it is slightly tilted ensuring overall safety.


The cover has been specially designed to add extra bulk to the iPad. In this way, it has a slim and easy-to-grip design showing additional protection on the top. In general, we are facing a really classic bet to protect the iPad itself but always ensuring that the design is visible without being covered by an opaque cover.

Although it has a slim design, it should be noted that it is made of TPU with special reinforcement of the corners. In this location you can find a greater amount of this hard plastic to avoid that if an impact occurs in this critical area it does not end up tearing the screen. In addition, it has a series of layers of protection to prevent fat from accumulating.


With a different design, this case offers protection and also transparency, something that can be the perfect combination. The front is made of PU leather and the interior is soft microfiber to prevent the tablet from being damaged. On the back you can find flexible TPU to provide the maximum possible resistance against scratches.

As you can see in the image, the edges are protected at all times but the back is completely transparent to be able to visualize the design without problem. It also integrates a lectern support to view multimedia content or work. At the top is added a dedicated space for the Apple Pencil that is fully protected and integrated into the case.


Covers with different drawings and prints

Beyond the pastel colors that can be found in the market with these covers, there are also different ones with different prints that give the iPad a really differentiating style. In the market you can find some options with this type of prints that may interest you.


Case that is only compatible with the iPad mini from 2021. The case is made of synthetic leather and a protective TPU save leather cover that is resistant to any type of impact. To the touch, we have always tried to have the most premium cover possible. We are facing a case that has a book-type design and that is why it is used to add some slots that can be used to store cards.

The closure is done through an elastic band that can give you the greatest possible security. In this way, a magnetic system is not chosen as it happens in other cases where this system is one of the most used on the market. On the front you can find a butterfly design with a colored background. It is important to note that this background can be found in different colors to suit your particular tastes.



This is a really curious case especially for the design that has been used. Specifically, we see how on the cover and also on the back there is a unicorn with a design that is undoubtedly quite successful. Ideal for any type of public that likes this type of drawing and exclusive only to the iPad Air 6. In case you don’t like the unicorn, you will also find a case that has a more sober print with Paris in mind.

The lid has a magnetism system to facilitate the locking and unlocking of the screen. It offers a greater experience especially due to the possible angles that can be applied to view multimedia content or simply have a support where you can write with the Apple Pencil. And if it is talking about the Apple Pencil, it has the space fully enabled so that it can be supported magnetically and recharged.

Colorful covers made of silicone

When you think about buying a case for the iPad mini, the focus is automatically on the opaque cases made of silicone. They are one of the most versatile and offer comprehensive protection since in many cases there is also a cover that will protect the screen and can even serve as a support. We show you the most recommended ones.


Another of the cover brands that offers superior quality alternatives. In this case, you have a translucent smart case that is only compatible with the iPad mini 6. The back cover is made of thin and light PC that protects the equipment from drops and scratches without adding extra bulk. The magnetic closure goes right over the Apple Pencil so it is always protected when you are carrying it. And in the event that you are using the iPad you can easily take it as if it were not the case.

Depending on the task to be carried out on the iPad, you can choose between one of the positions offered by the cover. Above all, the one indicated for writing in lectern mode stands out and also the one indicated for viewing multimedia content. It undoubtedly offers the greatest possible versatility in these situations and with the maximum possible safety.



A cover that will adapt to your most particular tastes. This is because the brand offers different pastel colors and also particular designs of different color combinations. It exposes all the buttons to be able to increase and decrease volume and also to unlock it through Touch ID.

Built with high quality materials. The cover is made of leather and the interior is with soft microfiber so that it does not scratch at any time while you put it on or take it off. The back cover is made of translucent plastic to contain the impact against a floor or a table. The case has the function of locking and unlocking the screen automatically as the cover has a magnetism system as the official options.



Case that has been specially designed for the 8.3-inch iPad in order to fit perfectly. That is why you will not have any problem when you want to use the volume control buttons, Touch ID or the charging port itself. Protection is complete as the case is made of high quality PU leather with soft microfiber on the inside making it an elegant design.

The back cover is made of translucent and malleable silicone. In this way, damage from falls can be perfectly avoided. The front cover has a series of folds that will allow you to have different positions while using the iPad either to write or to view multimedia content. It is also available in black and also in pink.


MoKo case


A really classic brand when it comes to covers, as it offers quite good quality in all its products. It is made of solid PU and PC with a strong exterior and a soft interior for complete protection. The cover offers the possibility of making different folds to use it as a support when you want to watch a series or work with a keyboard connected wirelessly.

The smart cover has a magnetism system that allows you to use the automatic sleep and wake functions by opening or closing the cover. In this way you can have an automatic and above all comfortable locking system. It has different layers of oleophobic protection to prevent fingerprints from being marked.



Slim case that features a quality backing that adds minimal bulk to the device while offering the maximum protection possible. In this way it is prepared to withstand any type of blow that it may receive due to misuse or simply by carrying it in a backpack or bag.

It has a unique brushed texture on the front and back covers making the iPad more elegant and modern without opting for something more classic. It supports the connect and charge function of the second generation Apple Pencil which is a must when working with this iPad. You will always have the pencil charged and ready to be used in any type of situation.

The most robust cases

It may be the case that you carry your iPad to a multitude of places in a bag or backpack. It may be the case that these transports take some kind of blow and that is why many people are looking for covers or cases that are really resistant. Next, we show you the best that can be found.


Protective case that provides protection to iPads that have an 8.3-inch screen, that is, the iPad mini 6. A pencil holder is integrated at the top so that you can always have the Apple Pencil with you but protected. The system that is used means that it is not ‘free’ only magnetically coupled to the iPad, but is integrated into the case itself, preventing it from falling when transported.

This case is constructed of pure plastic and soft silicone material. This ensures resistance in the event of falls and can absorb all vibrations. It has precise cutouts that allow access to all buttons and use of the charging port without having to remove the case. Likewise, it also has a leg at the back to be able to view multimedia content in a comfortable and safe way.

Ztotop Cases

Case that can only be used with the 6th generation iPad mni. The case has TPU material that ends up absorbing all the shocks that it can end up giving. It is important to note that the protection is mainly focused on the corners of the iPad since at the moment of making an impact it is one of the most delicate areas. If the blow occurs here it is quite likely that the screen will end up breaking.

But to have a much better protection, the manufacturer integrates a screen protector designed especially for this iPad model. This prevents at all times that you end up scratching the screen when it is being transported. At the back of the case it also adds a leg that acts as a stand on any surface to view multimedia content or work comfortably.


ZToTop Cases cover


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ZtotopCases Kids

A second option that this brand offers us is mainly aimed at the little ones. This is an iPad that can be intended for this type of user who also has a greater probability of causing some type of damage. That is why this is undoubtedly an ideal case for this audience since it is designed to be shockproof and fits the iPad mini 6 perfectly between its margins.

Specifically, it is a case that is made of foam rubber to be able to repel all these blows that the tablet can hit the ground in an easy way. The interior is made of silicone to absorb shocks with a special interest in the tips that are specially reinforced. On the back there is a small handle so that it can be used comfortably without falling off.


Children’s cover


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The options we recommend

Of all the covers that we have discussed, we are left with two of them. The first is IVSOTEC as it offers a transparent classic design. You will not have to hide the design of your iPad under a cover that is totally opaque and you can show it off without any problem. All this with the different layers of protection that repel grease that can leave the fingers and also promising that it will not yellow in the future.

But if you don’t mind hiding the design of your iPad mini 6, ESR is undoubtedly one of the best options you can find. It has a really interesting closure design to protect both the device and the Apple Pencil that you will always have accessible thanks to this case. It also fits perfectly to the design of the equipment and is extremely elegant so that you can take it with you anywhere, be it work or leisure.

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