How to properly load a trailer?

An unevenly distributed or poorly secured load can cause a fatal accident. We will tell you how to properly load a passenger car trailer in order to avoid an accident.

In summer , car trailers are used more often than in other seasons. Some drivers go on a trip with them, fishing to a pond with a boat, others go to the country, and still others transport materials for repair or construction from the store.

Category “B” is sufficient if:

  • the permitted maximum weight of the trailer is less than 750 kg,
  • the permitted maximum mass of the trailer is more than 750 kg, but does not exceed the mass of the car without load, and the total permitted maximum mass of the train does not exceed 3.5 tons.

How to properly load a trailer

  • The procedure for loading things into the trailer should be given special attention. Indeed, not only the workload of the coupling device, the front or rear axle of the towing vehicle, but also the stability of the entire road train on the road will depend on how they are placed in the body .
  • With the advent of heat, thousands of drivers will once again spend Friday evenings in long hours of traffic jams on the outskirts of the city. Auto reminds you of the things you need to take with you to the country
  • The design of the light trailer is made in such a way as to ensure a constant minimum pressure on the towbar ball. To do this, the axis of its wheels is slightly shifted to the rear from the center. Accordingly, the weight of the transported things always loads a little more in front of the trailer and on the hitch, with optimal loading, it presses up to 30-50 kg.
  • Place the load evenly so that its center of gravity is directly above the axle in a single-axle trailer or between the axles in a two-axle trailer. Also try to keep the center of gravity of the load as low as possible, in order to avoid rolls in turns, buildups and, as a result, rollover .
  • Secure your luggage to the trailer using special slings, not regular ropes that tend to stretch. So the load will not loosen up , and its center of gravity will not shift, making the trailer vulnerable, and the road train easily unbalanced by a simple bump, air flow from an oncoming truck or a gust of side wind.
  • The video clearly shows how unstable a trailer loaded in violation of these simple recommendations is, and how uncontrollable a car can become with i


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