How to properly camp in New World

Video games have become an experience capable of offering new emotions to the players, being possible to live the experience of a character who begins at the bottom of his adventure until he becomes a true warrior capable of conquering any challenge that he faces. Present.

However, many of these qualities did not exist at the beginning of their era, in which adventures were reduced to levels made up of very few pixels, capable of telling us incredible and challenging stories that today many remember as the best time they experienced in their lives.

Currently, we have technologies that allow better use of consoles and computers, allowing us to play titles with better graphics and exciting gameplay, one of the interesting options to play in these latest releases is the title developed by Amazon, New World .

This new game offers us an experience in unknown lands, where after a shipwreck in the Aeternum Islands, our protagonist must make his way into an open world where challenges and dangers await him.

This stands out for being an MMO in which players will have to improve different skills and form communities to overcome the challenges that the island presents little by little.

To fully enjoy the game, we may need to know some tricks or guides that may be useful in this wide world, so here we present how the camping system works and how it benefits you to know how to take advantage of it.

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  1. What are the benefits of camping inside New World?
    1. Replenish energy
    2. Respawn point
  2. What materials do you need to start your camp?
  3. Is it possible to camp if you don’t see the ‘Camp available’ ad?
  4. If you don’t create a camp, could something happen to your character?

What are the benefits of camping inside New World?

One of the basic and important aspects that we will have to take into consideration when starting our adventure is the camping system , this will be unlocked when we achieve level 5, in which we are assigned the mission to reach our camp, which we will offer the following benefits:

Replenish energy

One of the most important aspects of camping in New World is that it will serve as the point where our character can regain energy after making our adventure on the island, in which thanks to the dangers to which we are exposed or the different pending jobs, our character may suffer from exhaustion and need a break .

Respawn point

Another important point is the function that this checkpoint or save point exerts, so in case of suffering the total loss of our life due to some combat with enemies and falling into “game over”, the campsite will serve as the reappear point. and we can continue our adventure again.

What materials do you need to start your camp?

Being one of the most important and indispensable tools of our adventure in New World, it is important to take into account all the knowledge to be able to access this resource quickly and to be able to recover in critical moments , as well as to have a save point in case the situation occurs. worse.

For the construction of our camp we will only need 1 Flint and 5 Green Woods to assemble it, once we have these items in our inventory it will only be necessary to access the construction or crafting menu and create our camp.

Is it possible to camp if you don’t see the ‘Camp available’ ad?

No, there are different areas on the map in which we will not be allowed to set up a camp because they are usually relevant to the story or are of high danger for the player, so the available Camp signage is used to indicate the player where you can camp.

If you don’t create a camp, could something happen to your character?

If you ignore it and you want to risk ending this adventure without building your camp , you will be greatly limited to the construction of different items, as well as the loss of a specific point to reappear and be able to replenish the lost energies of your character to farm more items .


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