How to print invoices from Shopify

The fundamental objective of any online store is to obtain remuneration in exchange for a product, of course, a fundamental element in this process is the generation of invoices.

Using Shopify, the vast majority of processes are executed online, including billing. But if in a specific situation you will need to print them, how to do it? Keep reading and we will explain the different ways to achieve it.

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  1. How to print an invoice from the ‘Shopify POS’?
  2. How to print an invoice from ‘Shopify Admin’ correctly?
  3. What apps to use to easily print invoices on Shopify?
    1. From ‘PrintHero’
    2. print designer
  4. How to customize the invoices that will be printed from Shopify?

How to print an invoice from the ‘Shopify POS’?

We agree that Shopify is currently one of the best and most complete platforms to have your online store. Even more beneficial than uploading your products to Instagram . Because  you assign your brand a seal of professionalism , letting the consumer know that they can trust it.

To consolidate this confidence in the purchase-sale transactions, it is necessary to issue a proof of purchase, with the payment details and others. Although, many times with the digital receipt it is enough, if you need to print it on occasion , the most common way to do it is through the Shopify POS:

  • When confirming the purchase order, look for the “Applications” option
  • Now select the option to “Print with Order Printer.”
  • Choose the document you want to print, be it an invoice or delivery note. You can configure more details of printing, if you click on “Print with Order Printer”, for example the number of copies, printing on front and back, etc. You confirm with the “Print” button.
  • You can take advantage of customizing a template with your preferences, so that you can later use it in all your invoice printing, through the following route, Applications > Order Printer > Manage templates > Print by default.

How to print an invoice from ‘Shopify Admin’ correctly?

There is no single way to print invoices on Shopify, as the platform is designed for you to find the methods that work best for you, based on your own workflow. Therefore, the second way to obtain this document physically consists of the following steps.

  • First, go to the official shopify page .
  • Once there, go to the “Control Panel” or “Shopify Admin”.
  • Select the “Orders” or “orders” option.
  • At this point, you must select all the orders for which you wish to obtain an invoice or delivery notes.
  • Now you must click on the “More actions” button, in the displayed list, make sure you choose “Print with Order Printer”.
  • What follows is to specify what type of document you want, in the “Templates” or “Templates” option.
  • Once you finish, you click on “Print”, in seconds you will have all the necessary physical invoices with you.

What apps to use to easily print invoices on Shopify?

If you are interested in knowing all the details of the process of working in an online store, but have not yet started with one, then we can recommend you to try generators of names and brand ideas . Remember that in this market what predominates is creativity and your own style , added to the value proposition that you can offer your clients.

That is why the more attention you pay to the details, the more they will know how to value your service. Do not fall into the basics and the common, surely hundreds of people use the same predetermined billing format and when you incur it, how to distinguish yourself?, the road gets a bit complicated.

Although it is a totally personal decision and not entirely necessary, using external applications compatible with Shopify can give you an extra advantage when carrying out this process. Not only do they allow you to customize more details of the document, but they have accounting tools that are essential to keep your store in order and in order.

From ‘PrintHero’

The first tool that we want to present to you is called PrintHero, an interface that allows you to customize your invoices and delivery notes, so that you can provide your customers with a total shopping experience that is second to none. You can devise strategies that include some kind of discount coupon for future orders, in this way.

It also helps you classify and manage suppliers, sort orders by item type, and more. For now, it is only available in English and German, you can find it in the Shopify app store and it costs $14.99 per month.

print designer

In the process of making invoices online , we can also find various tools that suit our needs and budgets, it is useless to invest an amount in an application that does not meet your requirements , even more so, if you do not generate a profit yet enough stable to afford it.

For this reason, the second application that we present to you is called “Print Designer”, whose free trial is for two weeks. Once finished, if you decide to stay, you will pay only $4.99 per month , which makes it an excellent option to personalize your clients’ invoices.

How to customize the invoices that will be printed from Shopify?

Returning to the base, from Shopify itself, with a little patience you can adjust the configuration of your store, so that all its legal data is registered , from the logo to the registration. For the final invoice to be statutory, the fundamental data that the document must contain are:

  • Information of the issuing company, company name, location and postal code.
  • Customer information, name, email and location.
  • Purchase information, name and number of items, prices, quantity and total.


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