how to prevent your PC from disconnecting from WiFi when Windows 10 crashes

Currently we live 24 hours a day connected, either through the computer, from the mobile, a tablet, video game console, etc…. Not forgetting the number of home devices that already have an Internet connection. This means that WiFi or wireless connections have become an important part of our lives, since they allow us to be connected from the computer, mobile or any other device wherever we go. This makes any problem with our connection a problem for us. Some users of Microsoft’s operating system find that their computer disconnects from the Internet after being blocked, if you are one of them, we show how to prevent your PC from disconnecting from WiFi when Windows 10 crashes .

Many users have been reporting problems or connection cuts for some time after the operating system has been blocked or in sleep mode. In other words, after working without problem and with an Internet connection, if the computer hangs or the system itself has been automatically suspended, the WiFi connection is disconnected and the connection to that network must be established again.

It is not a general problem with an exact version of the system nor is it something that has happened to everyone who uses the Microsoft operating system, but the truth is that users affected by this error usually have enough problems to solve it.

Solution if WiFi disconnects in this situation

The truth is that it is a rather annoying problem, since it means that every time we return from a system crash or suspension, we have to reconnect to the WiFi because we have lost the Internet connection. There can be many causes of the problem and therefore, the solutions may be different in each case, in any case, we are going to show you some of the possible solutions if you have encountered this error.

The first one is to make a change in the system registry , therefore, first of all it is convenient that we make a backup copy of the Windows 10 registry in case something goes wrong, to be able to recover the system as we had it before doing the change.

Once this is done, we open a Run window, Win + R, type regedit and press Enter or OK. Automatically a registry window will open where we have to navigate to the route:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Power / PowerSettings / 238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20 / 7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0 .

Within that registry key we will find several values. We double-click on Attributes , a DWORD type value for editing and change the value to 2 . By default it will have the value set to 1 but we must change it to 2 and click OK to save the changes.

For them to be fully effective, we must restart the computer and wait for it to start again completely. From that moment, we can already check if when returning from sleep mode or unlocking the system we do not lose the WiFi connection in Windows 10.

If the problem continues, from the Microsoft community support forums, some company agents recommend making certain changes to the power options . Specifically, these would be the steps to follow:

  • We open a Run window, Win + R.
  • We write Control Panel and press Enter to open the system’s Control Panel window.
  • Next we select the Hardware and Sound option .
  • And then we click on Power Options .
  • This will open the window in which the system’s power plans are displayed. We look at the selected plan and click on the option that appears next to it, Change plan settings.
  • The plan configuration window will automatically be shown in which we must click on the option Restore the default configuration of this plan.
  • We confirm that we want to restore said configuration by clicking on Yes.
  • When we return to the plan settings window, we click Change advanced power settings .
  • Inside the Power Options window, we make sure we have the plan we are modifying selected and click the Restore plan defaults button that is displayed at the bottom.
  • We reconfirm that we want to restore the configuration by clicking Yes.
  • Finally, we accept the changes.

If necessary, we can try to restart the computer and check if the problems of disconnecting the WiFi in Windows 10 after locking the computer or returning from sleep mode have been solved.


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