How to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting

Using wireless networks to surf the Internet has become very common in recent years. Little by little we have given way to cable and use wireless technology for it. The rise of mobile devices has helped a lot to make this happen, in addition to improvements in stability and quality. However, sometimes there are still problems that can hinder the proper functioning of the systems. In this article we are going to talk about why Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected . It is something that happens to many users and we are going to explain the main reasons and possible solutions.

Why Wi-Fi is connecting and disconnecting

As we say, connecting to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network is very common today. We have at our disposal many devices that are connected through this technology. There is also a significant increase in the Internet of Things. All these teams connect without using cables.

The problem is that it is not as stable as the cable. In addition, the speed is usually always lower. However, these differences have been reduced over time. Today we do not have as many problems as a few years ago, although they are still present.

Undoubtedly one of the most common failures is that the Wi-Fi is continuously disconnected. We are browsing the Internet, either from the mobile or from the computer, and suddenly we see that there is no connection. We observe that the Wi-Fi has been disconnected and either it reconnects automatically or we have to give it ourselves. There are different reasons for this to happen.

We are connected far away

One of the most common causes when Wi-Fi is constantly disconnected is that we are very far connected . This causes that the signal is very weak and that we have problems to establish a suitable connection.

If the signal arrives weak, it could lead to interruptions, navigation failures and that, beyond having a bad speed, our device constantly seeks to connect. Therefore, whenever we have this problem we can think that the cause may be simply the distance.

The quality of the access point is poor

Of course it could also be due to a problem with the access point or router to which we connect. Maybe the quality is very limited and you don’t have the ability to connect many devices at the same time, causing service interruptions.

In this case the problem is external. It is due, as we can see, to a failure with the access point or with our router. As we know, these devices can saturate at certain times, especially when it is old equipment and has less capacity.

Computer security issues

We cannot leave the security issue behind . There are many types of malware and threats that can affect our devices. They have very different objectives, such as the theft of information, password or access to other computers connected to the network.

Whatever your goal, it is always going to cause problems in your team’s performance. We can run into errors when trying to connect to a network. This can be caused by malicious software that we have downloaded without realizing it or through an attachment that we have received in the mail, for example.

Use of antivirus or firewall

We can say that using security programs such as antivirus or a firewall is essential to avoid just what we mentioned above. However, it should be noted that sometimes precisely the use of these programs can generate conflicts in our system.

Having an antivirus or firewall is helpful, but it could also block connections and cause Wi-Fi to continually disconnect. We must carefully observe how the software acts and test if it is generating any type of unwanted interference.

Some program is causing problems

The programs that connect to the network sometimes can lead to failures. This could even lead to loss of signal. It could be disconnected from the network and thus affect the rest of the programs and tools that we are using. It is undoubtedly one of the causes that can most affect this type of problem, no matter what operating system we are using.

This could especially happen with the browser or some extension that we have installed. It could be interfering with the connection and causing us to not have access to the network. It is something that we must control so that it does not appear and know how to solve it as soon as possible.

Network card problem

This is another very common question. This is especially the case in laptops that use a network card that is integrated with the motherboard and is often very limited. We can suffer connection failures, stability problems and, ultimately, continuous network outages that cause us to have to constantly connect to Wi-Fi.

The network card is a fundamental piece of any computer with Internet access. It can be internal or external, in the case of computers. Sometimes over time it can also lead to problems.

These are, in short, some of the most important causes why our wireless network can have cuts. It is an annoying thing that we have all suffered at some time, although the real problem comes when it becomes habitual and continuous.

How to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting

We have looked at some of the main causes of Wi-Fi disconnecting . It is a very common problem and it can affect when it comes to working, studying or simply surfing the net. It is something that is present in all types of devices and it is advisable to take measures to avoid it. If we take into account some simple steps as we will see, we can make the wireless network work as well as possible.

Use Wi-Fi amplifiers

One of the options we have to avoid problems in general with the wireless connection when we want to bridge the distance is to make use of amplifiers. We have at our disposal different options in this regard.

The most common is to use a repeater . Basically it is a device that acts as an access point and repeats the wireless signal that it gets from the main router. It is an inexpensive and easy to use option.

We can also make use of PLC systems , which are devices that work by taking advantage of the home’s electrical line to carry the Internet from one place to another. Even opt for Wi-Fi Mesh systems , although they are more expensive, to cover a larger surface. The latter are multiple satellites that are connected to each other and allow to cover an area of ​​several hundred square meters.

Connect to the right band

This is something that many users overlook. As we know, today’s routers and devices can operate on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands . Now, the first is the most suitable for when we are going to connect away from the router or access point. It is true that it is the one that offers less speed, but without a doubt we will have greater stability as it is less sensitive to distance and possible obstacles.

Therefore, if we notice that the Wi-Fi is continuously disconnected, one of the steps to solve it is to make sure we are connected to the correct band. Sometimes just with that we can significantly improve our connection and prevent it from being disconnected.

Keep equipment clean and safe

We have seen previously that one of the reasons for the wireless network disconnecting may be due to security concerns. This makes it essential to keep equipment free of threats, clean and in good working order.

To achieve this, something that we can take into account is to make use of security tools . There are many options that we can use, whether they are free or paid. They are available for all types of operating systems and platforms. A good antivirus can prevent the entry of threats that compromise the proper functioning and that affect the time of browsing.

For example we can name Windows Defender as one of the best options for Windows. It is the one that comes integrated with the operating system, but we can also install others such as Avast, Bitdefender or Kaspersky, which are some of the most popular for desktop computers.

Update drivers and systems

This point is also essential to avoid many problems. The drivers of the network card are essential for it to work properly. Sometimes we are using an outdated version and it generates incompatibility or problems with the operating system. Therefore, we must always have the latest version . In the case of Windows we have to go to Start, open the Device Manager, click on Network adapters and select the corresponding card. Later we click with the right button of the mouse and we click on Update driver. It is something that we recommend doing periodically to avoid problems of this type.

The same happens with the operating system that we are using. To avoid problems with Wi-Fi outages, we must also have the latest versions available.

Have a control over the router

The router is a fundamental piece for Internet connections. Any failure in this device can also cause Wi-Fi to disconnect from our devices. We must have a control regarding security (correctly protect the wireless network, for example), the channel it uses, as well as keep the firmware always updated.

Having the perfect router to work is going to be key so that there are no problems in the other devices that connect to the network. This could avoid those annoying glitches we talked about.

Reset the network

Maybe there is a conflict, some configuration that we have made and it has affected the network or any problem with a corrupt file. Therefore, another advice we can give is to reset the network in Windows. This will reinstall the drivers and return the connection to the default settings. A way to reduce problems and avoid failures of this type.

To do this we have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Network and Internet and look for the Network Reset option . We reboot the system and we will see if the errors are solved in this way.

In short, these are some interesting tips that we can take into account to avoid problems with our network. In this way we could avoid those annoying Wi-Fi cuts when we want to navigate and make the connection work as well as possible, with good stability and speed.

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