How to prevent web pages from reloading alone in Chrome and Firefox?

There are an infinity of web pages and it is quite common that when browsing the Internet we have more than one tab open in our browser.

It is normal that you are reading a text on a website and then you move to another of the tabs that you had open to expand the information. In the same way, if you are following a sporting event online, the most normal thing is that you look for several pages to keep up-to-minute.

The unpleasant thing happens when when you move to another of the tabs, they reload themselves and automatically every time we stop seeing them. This can get quite annoying since it makes us waste unnecessary time.

What many may not know is that browsers can be configured to avoid these automatic reloads. And even though the option isn’t in plain sight, the setup process is pretty quick.

For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to prevent web pages from reloading alone in the Chrome and Firefox browser so that your browsing is positive and without annoying interruptions.

How to prevent pages from reloading automatically in Firefox

Firefox is one of the most used and the search engine that competes head-to-head with Chrome and despite the fact that Chrome is much more efficient in some functions than Google, it must also be configured manually so that the tabs stop updating themselves.

In order to carry out this procedure we will have to go to the search engine bar and access about: config. Once we press enter, a large list of options will appear and we will have to search for accessibility.blockautorefresh.

At this point we will see that the default value is “false” and all we will have to do is double click to activate the option so that the pages are reloaded manually and not automatically.

Similarly, in the event that in the future we want the pages to reload automatically, we will only have to double click on the option again and that’s it.

How to prevent pages from reloading automatically in Google Chrome

As new as Chrome is and being the number one browser, it doesn’t have a direct way to configure it so that pages don’t automatically reload.

In order to achieve this goal, we will have to go a little deeper inside the browser, placing the following in the search engine : “chrome: // flags / # automatic-tab-discarding”

You have to be careful and know what is configured, since Google previously notifies us that any kind of wrong configuration could negatively affect the operation of the search engine.

After doing the search we will see a huge list of options with possible configurations and we will have to go down until we find the option called ” Automatic tab discarding” or ” Automatic tab discarding”.

Because the list is quite extensive and the page can become somewhat cumbersome, it is advisable to press (Ctrl + f) to search in detail for what we want to find.

After finding it, you will have to change the value set, which will be the default and place the option “disabled” (Disabled). In this way the pages will only be reloaded manually, thus avoiding excessive RAM memory consumption.

How to make some tabs reload automatically and others not

Google Chrome not only allows us to configure the tabs to update automatically or manually, but it also gives us the possibility that we are the ones who choose which pages are going to be reloaded and which ones are not.

To achieve this, we will have to type in the browser “chrome: // discards /” and we will observe all the tabs that we have open. We will have to go down to the last option and click on it and the option will automatically be marked that will prevent them from recharging themselves.

How to force automatic page reloading?

In case you are looking for the opposite, and what you want is that the pages reload automatically from time to time, the procedure is much easier.

In these cases we will only have to go to the browser extensions :   Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome and Tab Auto Reload for Firefox. With these extensions we can indicate how often we want the pages to be reloaded.


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