How to prevent hackers from mining bitcoin

Hackers have existed practically since telecommunication technologies were incorporated into modern society, constituting a serious problem for everyone. In fact, since you entered this article until now, more than 120 attacks have probably occurred around the world.

The threat posed by hackers is a global problem that has surely made more than one person ache. And adding to this the ability that these criminals have to infect your pc makes it much more frightening and danger.

One of these threats is that of cryptocurrency mining, since a hacker can make your computer mine without your permission. The rise of Bitcoin has led these bad people to try to get money from every user who surfs the net without protection.

It is important that you protect yourself because if for any reason you become a victim of Cryptohacking, your pc will slow down. Apart from being discovered, it can open the doors to other types of hacks and enlarge the problem even more.

How can you protect yourself from the threat of Cryptohacking when browsing the internet? In this article we are going to show you how to do it. So after reading it you will be 100% safe and you will never have to worry about any external threat that compromises your online security.

What is Cryptohacking?

This is a new Hacking technique that consists of introducing a Trojan in a computer and using it to mine Bitcoins. The most common way of introducing these viruses into your computer is through Malvertising or malicious advertisements posted on many websites.

And once inside the Trojan begins its work of mining from your computer and sending the Bitcoins to the Hacker’s wallet. These cases have grown a lot in these times and the trend has been growing exponentially, affecting millions of users.

A threat that many do not know how to deal with, but having the appropriate tools does not have to affect your pc. So protect yourself now while you can so that your pc does not suffer the ravages of these Cybercriminals who seek to take advantage of you.

How to protect yourself from Cryptohacking?

There are several protection methods to avoid the infection of these viruses that mine Cryptocurrencies on your pc. We will tell you about the most popular and effective so that you can implement them and thus be more secure.

One tip is to always check that the page you visit is legitimate and is not a threat to your computer . If you do that, you will save yourself a lot of problems and will keep you more secure when surfing the net.

Install a good antivirus

This first option is the most recommended since you will not only protect yourself from Cryptohacking, but it will also rid you of any external threat. In addition, there are antivirus like Avast that provide you with extensions for your Chrome that block attacks and warn you if a page is malicious .

Use a Proxy

You can protect yourself by blocking the scripts that hackers try to introduce into your system when you visit an unsafe web page using Proxy . Since this tool is designed to block all types of scripts and thus keep you protected from any attack attempt. Learn more about it and discover what it is; what it is for, and how to use or configure proxy servers.

Use AdBlock

This Chrome extension is very useful to block malicious web page ads easily and safely. Just go to the Chrome Store and enter the name “AdBlock” in the search engine and add it to your extensions.

You will see that the ads on the internet pages will no longer bother you since this application will take care of eliminating them. AdBlock is definitely one of the best ad blockers for PC.

Use specialized extensions

If you want to feel more protected, you can try using the specialized extensions that you can find in the Google Chrome Store. Extensions like “No Coin” or “Miner Block” will warn you if someone tries to use your pc to mine BTCs without your permission.

We hope this article has been useful to you and that this guide helps you protect yourself from Cryptohacking. Always value your security and protect it from those who try to violate it, from here you will always have our support to help you be safe on the network.


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