How to practice concentration in ADHD 

How to practice concentration in ADHD : ADHD children are often very mischievous, sedentary, impulsive. Lack of restraint And do not plan This causes problems with schooling, making friends and other daily well-being. Parents, carers of ADHD children Can’t help but expect their children to be in control of themselves and to concentrate in the classroom. Can develop themselves as normal children. One way to help is behavior adjustment. For children to concentrate better By increasing concentration, which means increasing the attention span The intention of doing activities in front of me for a longer time is not easily distracted. Be careful and able to complete the work with the following principles

Stimulus reduction

  1. Find a quiet place for your child to work.

Providing a suitable place for children to do their homework It can be a quiet room without interference from others. No sound, television, radio, and room decorations should be as few as necessary. There should not be a glass cabinet with objects that can be seen outside the workbench There should be no obstructions that can distract the child, such as comic books.

  1. Try to keep your child in an atmosphere of least stimulation.
  • In daily life, the child should be in a quiet place, such as when resting should have the opportunity to sit quietly, not crowded or when sleeping, should sleep in a quiet room.
  • If you want to take your child on vacation Visiting ADHD children should avoid visiting places that are crowded or overly stimulated. Because children will be motivated to cause more collisions Staying motionless and difficult to control You should go to rest in peaceful places such as in the countryside, uncrowded parks. Getting close to nature will help your nervous system relax and not strain.
  • Should not be watching too much television. Because it encourages children to make them even more distracted Television images can also be violent aggression that children can imitate. Choose good programs, such as documentaries or programs on nature, and should be watched by an adult to help explain further.

Increasing concentration

There are several ways to improve concentration in ADHD. It depends on the nature of the child’s age and the skills of the caregiver. It’s important that the child likes to feel fun and challenging. The process of organizing activities is summarized as follows:

  1. Help the child divide the work process.

Because ADHD children cannot do anything for a long time. Breaking down tasks and working steps will help your child accomplish the task and then gradually increase the task longer. Increasing your concentration sessions and getting the job done and receiving the recognition of your parents will help you rise to self-esteem.

  1. One-to-one child supervision

One-on-one child supervision is a time spent supervising your child in activities. By sitting with the child Supervising the child face to face It will help the child to concentrate better. Don’t let your child work on their own because they may be distraught.You should sit quietly at your work and ask at regular intervals to concentrate your child on the job.

  1. Learning to keep your child sitting continuously.

You should train your child to keep working. How long to sit depends on the severity of the disease and the age of the child. Continuously sitting at work means having a child sit at work without knowing the full time limit. There should be a stopwatch. So that children can see the time When the child is able to sit at the allotted time, appreciate it and should add a little more time next time.

  1. Meditate on older children

Meditation is one way to get results. By practicing to sit calm and close your eyes How to determine how to pray for breath depends on what is appropriate, or it could have the child build up words in his mind, such as “I am better every day,” or some could modify the meditation by letting your child sit calm, close their eyes and listen to soft music without. Disturbance

  1. Make activities that use energy creatively.

Like exercise ADHD children are often children with lots of energy. Extremely tiring exercise can help children with ADHD. Less chaotic And is also a discipline activity for children Exercise should be done regularly. On time every day and should be supervised by adults to exercise seriously. Exercise that promotes better concentration is running and swimming, as it is an exercise performed alone without distraction.

  1. Defining points of interest

We can determine the point of interest by teaching children to observe the highlights of places, objects as they go through interesting paths, asking what they see as they drive, such as cars: trunk number, ATM machine: color, etc.

7.Add a variety of meditation activities

For children to practice concentration continuously from work By practicing active activities such as sports and non-moving activities such as drawing, painting, drying clothes, washing the car, mopping the house, etc.

What is important in increasing concentration in children is that parents understand the nature of the child with ADHD. Reducing stimuli, increasing concentration, and dividing the workflow and taking steps will help parents understand the characteristics of children with ADHD. Help him complete the task, and then gradually increase his work, his concentration lasts longer, concentrated concentration will help the child accomplish the activity, gaining admiration, recognized by parents, teachers, and individuals. Others bring about self-esteem.


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