How to post dating on Instagram?

Dating post is important for both a personal blog on Instagram and a commercial profile. It allows you to quickly get acquainted with the subject matter of your account or the services / goods offered. Its main goal is to win over and engage, so that the user wants to stay with you.


1. What is a dating post on Instagram and why is it needed?
2. How to know when it’s time for a welcome post on Instagram
3. Post acquaintance for a commercial account on Instagram
4. Post acquaintance for a personal blog on Instagram
5. What to avoid when writing a post about yourself

What is a dating post on Instagram and why is it needed?

On the Internet, as in life, getting into a new company, it is customary to introduce yourself. The welcome post serves just for this, to tell about yourself, about the subject of your account and, most importantly, how it can be useful to the subscriber. Make the first contact by asking the newbie to tell a little about themselves in the comments. Thus, the acquaintance post helps to solve several problems at once: increase engagement, learn more about a new audience and sell your services natively.

There can be endless variations of a welcome post on Instagram: from a biography to the principles of life and business. Such publications are relevant both for bloggers and for companies and individual professionals who are active on Instagram.

How to know when it’s time for a welcome post on Instagram

An acquaintance post must be published after some activity on Instagram, for example, after collaborating with a blogger or launching targeted advertising . When the account has already accumulated a sufficient number of subscribers to engage in dialogue with them and answer questions.

To track net growth, analyze the ratio of the number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions. For example, the account had 50 thousand subscribers, after the launch of the target, another 2,000 subscribers were added. The growth of the new audience was not 2 thousand, as it might seem, but 2.5 thousand, since in parallel with the growth of the new audience there was an outflow of the old one (500 subscribers unsubscribed).

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It’s not always necessary to write an Instagram welcome post from scratch. If you are constantly promoting your account, it is impossible to do this every month, “old” subscribers may soon get tired of it. For such cases, update an already published post and periodically announce it in stories. Additionally, a welcome post can be placed in the actual one.

Post acquaintance for a commercial account on Instagram

For a commercial Instagram account, the welcome post may contain the history of the brand’s development, the nuances of cooperation, or the company’s competitive advantages in the market. The main rule when compiling such a publication is to focus on the world of the audience. An acquaintance post should tell you in solving what problems you can be useful to them.

For example, in addition to the standard “prompt delivery”, tell us about the stages of product packaging. So you will show not only concern about the client’s time, but also about the safety of his goods, which is sometimes more valuable. Do not tell the dry facts about the unique properties of the company’s products, it is better to reveal its benefits for the client.

Instead of “Developing sites of any complexity to increase your sales”, give potential customers specifics “We will develop a site of even the highest complexity, so that your employees can quickly process orders, and customers can easily find the products they need, even in an online store with a million products.” The reader should recognize himself and his problem in this description, and you should become a tool for solving it.

If your organization is small and recently opened, you can post on behalf of the founder. Such a post and account as a whole will inspire more trust, because the user “gets to know” a real person representing the company.

Commercial accounts include not only company profiles on Instagram, they can also be blogs of freelancers who promote their services. For them, trusting relationships is one of the important aspects in their work. In a welcome post, they simultaneously need to show their professionalism and build an emotional connection. You can talk about your attitude to work and customers, as, for example, interior designer @ _marina_ky did .

My name is Marina, and this photo honestly reflects all the non-glossiness of my soul) I have not written here about myself for a long time, such texts are given to me more difficult than about artistic strokes of plaster, but there are more of you and I think it’s time ✊⠀

I am honestly and selflessly in love with my a business; the projects I work on, I dream at night and are tightly woven into the lace of my life. I am sure that each new interior should be different from the previous one, because each person is also unique. At the same time, I rarely chase after fabulously expensive materials, because marble floors and golden toilets are not synonymous with human happiness and certainly not a guarantee of a successful project. ⠀

I take on partial projects: one room, arrangement, balcony or bathroom, collages or just visas; because I know – sometimes I really want to, but the possibilities make adjustments. To be honest, maintaining an Instagram is difficult for me – its rules are too harsh; feedback is necessary for me; unappreciated projects or unappreciated painstakingly prepared posts plunge me into despair or one-day sadness; I am struggling with this, and I give all my attention to work again

. ⠀ … And quite a bit about myself – I’m 29, I am quarantined in the village and read Goncharov. With me are my children, husband, parents, 4 dogs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, pigeons, canaries and bees) ⠀

I am glad to everyone who is here, who comments, likes, responds and just follows ❤️ Thank you!

Marina Kunitsyna

Interior designer

Post acquaintance for a personal blog on Instagram

Bloggers in a welcome post should tell about themselves and the topic of their account, perhaps about some hobbies. Here you can go in two ways: break down facts about yourself and your blog point by point. Or share your emotions and tell about yourself with a short story using storytelling .

If, in addition to your blog, you have some other promoted product , for example, a clothing store or you run marathons, it is important to mention this in the welcome post, and offer a discount to new subscribers. So you can not only get to know, but also sell your product, the main thing is not to do it too intrusively.

Things to Avoid on Instagram Post about yourself

To keep your welcome post on Instagram interesting and subscribers wanting to finish reading it, try to avoid the banal variations that many use.


Try to come up with some intriguing headline so that at least people want to open and read it. And not just call the publication “Post acquaintance”. Or even omit the title and start: “Hello, my name is Lena and I am 30 years old …”.


Don’t go into autobiographical details. It is unlikely that your subscribers will be interested in how you did in school and what university you graduated from. An exception will be accounts where this data speaks about the competence of a specialist.


If you decide to make a post with facts about yourself, try to move away from platitudes, and present something interesting, funny or even unusual that will remain in the memory of subscribers. Here your main goal is to engrave your memory: “Oh yes! This is Luda, she loves fried herring and writes about the mentality of different peoples of the world. I love her blog. ”


Avoid clichés and cliches in the text. Always check text for errors before posting.


If you are talking about yourself, it is better to post your photo in the publication. Something abstract doesn’t sound like.


Divide the text into paragraphs for readability. Don’t overload emoji text.


Don’t fast for the sake of fasting. Your goal is not only to tell about yourself, but also to bring your subscribers to the dialogue. At the end of the publication, always ask to tell about yourself, where they are from, what they do and what topics they are interested in.

Before writing a post about yourself, be sure to look at other posts on Instagram using the hashtag #post acquaintance . Get ideas, analyze what you are interested in reading from others, and what you throw at the beginning of the text. This will help you understand how best to write your post and what to tell your subscribers. Stick to the same tone as in your regular posts. Be honest with your subscribers and always reply to their comments below the post.


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