How to post a comment on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fashionable social networks, so the organization in the comments of the publications is essential. Next, we will show you the process of pinning a comment on Instagram so that it always appears at the top.

You may have uploaded a photo that you like to the social network Instagram. The problem comes when it is a highly commented post and you cannot post a comment in case you have forgotten to put information in the description or simply because you want to indicate some detail as a “post it”.

Well, as such, on Instagram there is no possibility of posting a comment that other users have made in your publications, but there is the possibility that our own comments are displayed higher than others. The process to follow is as follows:

  • To start the process, we will comment on a photo of us, since we will not be able to interfere with the rest of the publications on the platform. Although we have subsequently commented that other users, we, being the owners of said photograph, will have preference over the rest and our comment will be highlighted.
  • To be able to carry out this process in a more efficient way, our recommendation is that you “like” your own comment since in this way it will be positioned in the correct chronological order, but in the Instagram feed it will appear above the others .
  • The button to “like” an Instagram comment, as in other social networks, is located on the right side of the comment , its symbol is a transparent heart that will turn red when we press it.
  • Once we have clicked on it, we will see that our comment is better positioned than the rest since in this way we can add information or edit the publication later to add any additional details.

Pin comments from other people

If you make a publication and any of your followers make a comment, now with a new possibility you can pin it to appear at the top. In total , up to 3 comments can be posted and the owner will receive a notification that their comment has been pinned.

To post a comment from someone else on any of your posts, be it videos or photos, do the following:

  • Open the publication and look for that comment you want to pin, now slide your finger to the left and a series of icons appear, click on the one with a pushpin shape .

Done, the comment will move to the top and the inscription “pinned” will appear indicating that the comment has been pinned successfully. The advantage is that you can remove it at any other time, either instantly or whenever you want.


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