How to post a comment of your live on Instagram?

Once your live on Instagram begins, you just have to search and choose a comment and from there add the comment pin . In other words, fix it so that it is above the others, it can be whatever it is your decision to choose the comment you want to fix, of course only one.

If you set another comment, the one that is already there will be supplanted by the new one , you should know that the recent comments will be displayed just below the one with the PIN or the assigned pin. It is important to know that you can do this procedure on all devices, since you can broadcast live from computers or mobile devices.

You should also be aware that this option is recent, which means that if you have an old version of Instagram you will not have this option available , just go and download the most recent version of Instagram to have all the tools and features that are added every day.

In the publications of photos or videos, you have the option of setting up to 3 comments , of course only on your publications, since it is not allowed to set them on other people’s posts.

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  1. How to distinguish a comment posted on an Instagram Live and what is it for?
  2. What is the way to give a ‘Pin Comment’ correctly?
    1. From an Android or iOS Smartphone
    2. In a computer

How to distinguish a comment posted on an Instagram Live and what is it for?

The fixed comments are intended to let other users know the real purpose of said publication and, in this way, it is much easier to find all your comments. Distinguishing a comment posted on Instagram is very simple since it will always be accompanied by a clip icon.

Pinned comments are used to give relevance to a specific comment and that it always comes first no matter how many comments are made later, you can use them to answer frequently asked questions, you can also use them to pin interesting comments or simply review our publications.

What is the way to give a ‘Pin Comment’ correctly?

The first thing you should know is that Instagram allows you to set up to three comments on each publication you make, now if you want to set comments from a live broadcast, only one comment per live is allowed. By setting the comments, they will always be shown first when someone enters your publication.

Instagram will only allow you to post comments on your own publications, this option is not valid when commenting on someone else’s publication, remember that this social network allows you to block comments and messages that you consider inappropriate or that affect the sensitivity of your followers.

From an Android or iOS Smartphone

If you have an Android device you should only:

  • The first thing is to enter Instagram
  • Once in your account, you must select your profile picture, to start the live broadcast
  • When the camera of your device opens, you must select the option you want in this case “Live”, these are at the bottom of the screen
  • Once the live broadcast starts, you must select the publication in which you want to highlight your comment
  • To set a comment on an Android device you must press and hold the comment you want to highlight
  • At the top, a blue bar will open, in which you will see three icons
  • You must select the pin icon and voila, the comment will be fixed
  • Once the comment is set, it will be positioned at the top and will show the pin icon.

If you have an iOS Smartphone, the procedure is very similar to the previous one , with the difference that when selecting the comment to fix it, the finger must press lightly and then slide it to the left, this with the intention that the menu of options.

It is important that this movement be carried out with great subtlety, since if you do it very quickly you can delete the comment you want to highlight, once the menu appears, you just have to select the pin icon and voila the comment will occupy the first place among the comments so that everyone can see it as the first option.

In a computer

Currently it is not possible to pin comments to a live broadcast from a computer, as this option is quite new and is only available for mobile devices.

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