How to play youtube with screen off iphone

How to play youtube with screen off iphone.By default, YouTube stops video playback immediately after you lock your phone and turn off the screen. Changing this behavior is quite difficult. The ability to listen to the video was not originally included in the YouTube application. There is no specific setting to change this behavior. The reason for this behavior is trying to get users to watch ads. However, we managed to find several options for playing YouTube videos with the screen off.

How to play youtube with screen off iphone

How to play youtube with screen off iphone

For iPhone users, the above methods (except for a premium subscription) will not work. On iOS, the procedure is no easier, but even on Apple OS there is a workaround to achieve the goal. The price to achieve this goal will be to move away from the Safari browser and use an alternative web browser instead.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Download a suitable browser for the iPhone, it can be Operaor Dolphin .
  2. Launch the newly installed browser and go to the mobile version of YouTube. Be sure to stay in your web browser without going to the app.
  3. If you play the video now and switch to another application or lock the screen, the video will stop. For now, it’s appropriate to use a trick: open the music player and press the play sound key.

Now, even after changing the active application or turning off the display, the video will continue to play, since playback is not caused by YouTube, but by a music player that can work in the background.

Why is it not allowed to listen to YouTube videos in the background?

Well, the answer to this question is as simple as saying that what they want is for you to pay for it. Yes, the YouTube Red payment service allows users to perform this action of being able to turn off the iPhone or iPad and continue listening to the music, we are going to see an option that currently works and does not require any payment.

This is like downloading Youtube videos or audio in mp3 , there are options for this but they are not the most natural to carry out, we are going to require a few steps to perform the action. So we are not going to entertain ourselves anymore and we go with it. The steps are simple, but you have to do them like this:

  • We open Youtube in the Safari browser of the iPhone or iPad
  • Click on the top left “Aa” and place the desktop version
  • We look for the song and start playing it on the iPhone
  • We lock the iPhone and when it stops, we activate the screen again and hit the play button
  • Music will start playing in the background

This option has several drawbacks since we cannot pass the YouTube video ads, but at least we can listen to the music in the background . It is not that it is the most intuitive and simple method in the world but it is not complicated either. On the other hand, in my case, I am not in the beta version of iOS, my iPhone has iOS 13.6 installed. You may already know about this option but share it for those who do not know it.


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